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Mar 13, 2007 08:00 AM

New York Noodletown?? what to order?

Or: Oriental Garden...what should I eat at these restaurants? thank you

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  1. some of the things i like at noodletown: wonton noodle soup, vegetable dumplings in soup (the soups are a meal in themselves, especially when you add noodles), anything salt baked, roast baby pork, roast duck, sauteed pea shoots, soy sauce chicken, soy sauce noodles with marinated pork, singapore mai fun, there are other noodle dishes that are supposed to be good, but i haven't tried them yet. i need to start branching out!

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    1. re: twiggles

      In order to make room for those noodles, dumplings are removed from the soup bowl. The trade-off isn't even remotely worth it. To hell with the noodles.

      1. re: big o

        so they give you less dumplings when you order the soup with noodles? well, that certainly changes things...

        1. re: twiggles

          Yup. Both versions cost the same, as well.

    2. At noodletown - my suggestion is ask for Jimmy when you walk in. Then ask him if the roast baby pork is good today. If he says yes, order the pork. Also ask him about other roast meats he recommends. As mentioned above, the soups and salt-baked (shrimp)dishes are great. I also think you should try a dish with flowering chives (duck). I also really like the stuffed eggplant and love the Singapore Mai Fun. In season soft-shelled crab is not to be missed.

      1. I like the roast pork and roast duck noodle soups.

        1. Soft-shell crab with braised pea shoots - but the crab won't be in season yet...

          1. Sea bass on flowering chives, duck with pea shoots, salt baked shrimp.