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Mar 13, 2007 07:59 AM

Ovens - How Many?

We're going to be renovating a kitchen. It won't exactly be my dream kitchen because of space and money, but I want it to be close. I love to cook and entertain. When entertaining, there just never seems to be enough ovens. I want a double wall oven and a microwave. My bf says that there won't be enough room because I need more cabinet space because I have so much "stuff" and I need the counter space. (he used to design kitchens). He suggested that I get a oven/range and a built-in convection/combination microwave. And when I'm entertaining, if I need a third heating appliance, I can bring up a microwave from the basement.

Do you think this will make me happy? I've never owned or used a convection oven. Do these double-duty things work well for what they're intended for? What do you guys do?

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  1. I think it's great that you have the opportunity to renovate your kitchen, and by all means, you should try to turn it into your dream kitchen if you have the resources. That said--do you really need a double oven? Most people, including a lot of chefs, make do just fine with only one in their home kitchens. It's definitely convenient to have more than one, but it certainly isn't necessary.

    As an extreme example of cooking and entertaining with limited space, check out this article:

    Obviously, most chefs (including the one from this article) would prefer to have much more space. But it's an interesting example of what may be achieved even within severe constraints.

    1. Don't forget that a decent toaster oven will take up a lot of slack..They're a real workhorse, great for sides, heating bread, sandwiches, even chicken, fish or a meatloaf if necessary.....I have a regular oven, a combo micro-convection + a toaster oven (a Cuisinart with convection) & never feel the need for more...

      1. I once lived in a studio apartment that had one of those microwave/convection combo deals...and that was all I had. Once I downloaded a manual and understood how to use it, I found it very useful and it worked quite well. That may be a good solution.

        There's also those dual-chamber ovens, but I always wonder if the larger chamber isn't big enough.

        1. Thanks for your comments. Glad to hear the convection/microwave works well. Maybe I also need to become a better planner so that not everything ends up having to be in the oven at the same time.

          1. I have a 40-inch oven/range made by Kenmore (sorry, I couldn't afford Viking). It is dual-fuel (gas range, electric ovens) and have two ovens. The larger one is just as big as a standard oven and the smaller one fits loaf pans and small casserole dishes. I find I use the smaller oven quite a bit - baking just a few cookies, baking small casseroles for two, heating up a loaf of bread, etc. When throwing parties, I do use both ovens (and most of the cooktop) which is nice as they can be set at different temperatures (and the larger can be used as a convection or regular oven). Also, if the large oven is on, both the side oven and the storage drawer get warm enough to use as "warming ovens".

            I also have a microwave/toaster oven combo, but I never use the toaster oven function as it takes too long. If you use the microwave often, I would just get a small one, or maybe one that mounts under a cabinet, but not a combo.

            My mom has a stand-alone convection oven that she keeps in the garage. She's cooked a turkey in it before, but she also brings it out for family holiday dinners.

            If you have the room for a wide oven/range, I would recommend it over dual wall ovens. If you really think you need two large ovens to use, maybe get a regular oven/range and a convection oven to store somewhere else.

            When baking a lot of dishes, you'd be surprised how many of them can sit for a while and then be throw in while the last dish is baking to warm up.

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              No need to apologize, Leanneabe. Most people on this earth can't afford a Viking, myself included. Okay, maybe we could, but would rather give the extra $$ to our kids college fund or charity.

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                I think I looked at this same stove at Sears. I had the kitchen-to-die for in our old house, Viking included, but I don't think I'll buy another for the new kitchen we hope to re-do someday. I want at least 5 burners, but Viking doesn't have that in the space I need. I think 40" is as big as I can go. This stove looked really nice, and I was wondering if the smaller oven was big enough for what I need. Glad you use yours a lot. It looks like a great stove and 1/4 the price of my old Viking! When we re-do, I'll definitely get a Sub-Zero again, and I'm looking at dish drawers...they look great for entertaining, as well as doing small loads of dishes for just the 2 of us.