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Mar 13, 2007 07:42 AM

La Villa vs. Anthony's

Before there ever was an Anthony's I would always order my pizza from La Villa. Since I moved to the South Slope I've been a loyal Anthony's fan. Their margherita pizza is divine: crunchy, blackened crust, great fresh mozzarella, a sweet, tangy sauce. Last night, I decided to try La Villa again and see if it was as good as I remembered. It wasn’t. The sauce was bland and the mozzarella wasn’t really cooked (it was barely melted). The dough was chewy and the crusts were left uneaten (something that never happens with Anthony’s). To be fair, I live on 18th Street and Seventh (Anthony’s is a lot closer but delivers by bike-usually in 20 minutes. La Villa is always a 45 minute wait and they deliver by car). Even if La Villa’s pizza stays in the box for a longer period that doesn’t justify the undercooked cheese and crust. Has anyone experienced the opposite of this? Bad Anthony’s and good La Villa?

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  1. Take-out or delivery pizza is like listening to Mozart at Yankee Stadium: it is just not a context in which any meaningful aesthetic comment can be made. The physics of the pizza box guarantees trapping moisture, which eliminates the crispiness of the crust and dilution of the sauce/cheese complex.

    That said, I have preferred Anthony's to La Villa, but have had two less-than-stellar visits to Anthony's in recent times. I think it depends on who is making the pizza: the pre-baked thickness of crust, ratio of cheese to sauce, baking time, etc., all factor into making a successful pizza. You've really got to have a consciencious pizza maker, in addition to high quality ingredients, to make a winning pie.

    1. for me this is absolutely a "love the one you're with" situation . . .
      I go to the best closest place - where I can pick it up - hot out of the oven.
      For me, that's La Villa's "Speciale"

      1. I think they're both pretty damn good. For me, La Villa is the ultimate comfort food... an organic baby green salad and a nice Foccacia di Nonna pizza are heaven. Anthony's is a bit more rustic, but it's a major hike from North Slope, so I've only been twice.

        1. Just got a pie delivered from La Villa. It was revolting. Like a "Ray's" pizza but $26. Never again.

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            I have always wanted to like La Villa, but its just never fully met my expectations. I think it is good, but not as good as it should be. I always find the crust soggy, and the mozz, like the OP said, never fully cooked.

            For delivery I actually prefer Roma Pizza on 7th between union and berkeley. But Anthony's is a terrific pie also -- just completely on the other side of the slope from me.

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              I second Roma - especially their Grandma's Pizza. Deeee-lish.

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                If you "enjoy" roma pizza try Villa Rustica

                3rd Street and 5th ave.

                There Grandmas' are divine and out of this world!!!!!!!

            2. How much is a pie at Anthony's? The people at La Villa seem to be smoking crack, asking for the amount they do for a pizza pie. I mean seriously... could the cost of flour, tomatoes, mozzarella and pepperoni have shot up that much that it'll cost me an arm and a leg to eat pizza? And the slices aren't even large enough to justify the price! It's another example of people with a bit too much money to spare getting ripped off through their behinds while smiling and raving about it like they were given the gift of God. There's only one place I'd pay that much money for pizza... and I'm sure everyone else on this board knows where that is.

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                I do know where that is! I agree w/you re. the prices at La Villa. I guess people are willing to pay for the seats and table service, because the food is certainly nothing special. I can't conceive of any reason somebody would get takeout. (I once ordered a side order of broccoli rabe, and it was $10. TO add insult to injury, it was watery and overcooked.) I think Anthony's is a bit cheaper, but I find the servers really nasty there and the the pizza just ok: (on a par with decent pizzeria pizza). Actually, I haven't been there in the last year or so--because I don't like it—so, who knows, maybe they're nice now and the pizza has vastly improved.