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Mar 13, 2007 07:25 AM

Cookbooks for classic Chinese-American, Sushi, and Dim Sum..........

Ive been really intrested in this type of cooking latley. One of my bestfriends in 100% Japenese and his father has taught me a bunch of different recipes that are delicious like Stuffed Rice Noodles, Tempura Soup, some Sushi, and an incredible Green Bean recipe that ive been using alot.

So your help would be appreciated

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  1. Wei-Chuan series does great authentic Chinese food that is bilingual and has great pictures. They may have a dim sum version. Do a search on amazon for wei-chuan.

    For Sushi, how about sushi for dummies?

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      Wei-Chuan have a "Chinese Snacks" version (I think that's what it's called...) It's quite good for a basic feel of the recipes.

    2. I have both Eileen Yin Fei Lo and Ellen Leong Blonder's Dim Sum books. Noticed my Chinese chives were sprouting yesterday, yum chive dumplings!

      1. I just bought the Shun Lee cookbook last week, and attempted a few recipes from it this weekend. They were superb.

        1. Ken Hom's "Easy Recipes from a Chinese American Childhood" is probably my favorite. It's out of print now, it will still occasionally turn up on Ebay or for resale on Amazon, albeit at a jacked up price.

          1. Not sure you want to make your dim's lots of work. I've tried a few of them and prefer hitting a good dim sum restaurant instead for the variety :-)

            That said, the "chinese snacks" mentioned above is a decent book on it.