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Mar 13, 2007 07:10 AM

Bin 36 - What Night?

Is there a better night than others to go to dinner for "the scene" at Bin 36? I've never been, but a friend of mine has (we are traveling to Chicago one weekend in late April), and we would like to go on a night when it will be crowded, bustling, fun, hip, etc., etc. We saw on Open Table that many of the times for Sunday night are already booked. Is Sunday night a popular night?

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  1. I'm not sure there is a "scene" at Bin 36. Plus the formal dining restaurant (which accepts reservations) is not the same as the cafe area at the front, or the bar. Maybe after work on a Friday? There's a lot of theater around there, and the House of Blues, maybe it's pre- or post-theater dining...

    1. You might want to call and check about Sunday nights. I think I recall that they run promotions on Sundays to draw in people. Movies and dinner?? (Sorry for the faulty memory)

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        I am not aware of any special promotions on Sundays at Bin 36, and I don't see any mentioned on their website at

      2. Add me as another who's never heard of a "scene" at Bin 36. The airplane hanger-sized upstairs restaurant gets derided *somewhat* on other boards, but I had a pretty good meal there not long ago(customized cheese flight, skate, rabbit, pairings). This particular meal was on a Sunday with 8 other dining companions and I have to say we were pretty much the only people in the place aside from a booth or three...we started early and ended late so had a chance to view the comings and goings and, aside from us, it was pretty dead.

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          It's nice to hear that the food beyond the cheese flights and such that we've sampled at the bar. We'll probably be stopping in there again soon, as we'll be in town.

          As leek says above, there's probably a House of Blues event or something accounting for the Sunday crowd becca sees on Open Table.

        2. Oh! Open table doesn't necessarily get all the slots a restaurant has to fill. They may give them half, or fewer. There are some specials that they don't list on their web site, though. I forget which night, but they have flights for $10 on some nights. A real bargain on some of their offerings.