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Mar 13, 2007 05:00 AM

Fried chicken in Alabama or Mississippi?

We are doing a driving tour of Alabama and Mississippi in the next few weeks. Any help on where to get great fried chicken would be appreciated. Also if you have a favorite(s) BBQ place that would great as well.

Thanks for your help.

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  1. Try the Irondale Cafe for superb fried chicken! It's in a B'ham suburb. They have excellent friend green tomatoes as well! The South Board is chock full of BBQ threads, so search those if you don't get alot of replies. I recommend Dreamland (locations all over Alabama). The ribs themselves are good, but the sauce is to DIE for! Bob Sykes in Bessemer, AL has wonderful chopped outside brown pork.

    1. In Alabama, just about anywhere off the interstate that you find a cloud of hickory smoke and a parking lot full of pickup trucks is bound to be good. Dreamland is just OK. Big Bob Gibson's in Decatur is pretty good. I recommend the BBQ potato or a BBQ salad. But, if you really want some good pork, there's a drive thru up the road from Big Bob's called Whit's thats got the best pulled pork sandwiches around. They come with slaw and a nice, thin vinegar sauce. Its oh so good. Enjoy.

      1. Dreamland.

        If you're near Huntsville, try that one. It's the only one I've been to and it's great. I've heard mixed reviews of some of the others and can't attest to the quality of them. They're all supposed to be the same but........


        1. What towns are you planning on visiting in MS and AL?

          1. Sonny's BBQ in West Mobile (Schillinger's Road) is great BBQ. My Mom makes the best Fried Chicken in Alabama!