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Bistro Chritopher Truffert on Laurier

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A new restaurant just openned in my neighborhood (Plateau-rue Laurier) and I would like to know if anyone has tried it since I am thinking to go next Thursday. It is called something like Bistro Christophe Truffert. It is on Laurier street. The restaurant used to be Un Monde Sauté!


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  1. I walk by it everyday and am intrigued. I stopped to look at the menu this morning and it reads interesting. A Table d'Hôte is offered with three courses for $22 which seems pretty fait to me. I might go there next week as I'll be alone for dinner a couple of nights. It's an easy 5 minute walk from home. Will report back if I'm going.

    1. Sorry the real name is Christophe Truffert.... Anyone have tried it?

      1. When did "Un monde sauté" close? I went a few months ago, fairly good food, though I wasn't overly impressed with the service.

        1. La Chesterman gives it a positive write-up in today's Gazoo. The article's currently not behind the subscription wall but probably will be soon.

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            FYI, the Montreal Gazette for past while, has graciously made the restaurant review column articles available online from past 30 days free for both subscribers & non-subscribers.

          2. Contact info, including the official name:

            1481 Laurier Ave. E. (near Fabre)
            Phone: 514-590-0897
            Open: Tues.-Sat. from 5:30 p.m., weekend brunch 9 a.m. to 2 p.m.

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              I know Christophe from when I used to work at Le Bistingo (his father-in-law’s place, where his wife waitresses and just across the street from Le Paris Beurre where he worked) He was so nice and charming; I wish him all the best!

            2. Finally got to try it yesterday for brunch as the GF and I were headed for Byblos. It was their second weekend serving brunch and already many tables occupied. First off, the place looks nice and the chandelier is amazing. The service is courteous and prompt. As for food, I was impressed. I chose the french bread with maple english cream and fruit. The bread was actually baguette perfectly cooked to a little dark and tasty golden brown with a good quantity of vanilla bean flavored cream topped with a pretty big load of fresh and tasty fruit and a little cup of maple syrup. My GF is crazy for eggs benedict and chose the asparagus and ham ones served on top of rosti. I personally don't care for this but I tried it anyway. The rosti was a bit salty but perfectly cooked with a distinct garlic taste. The béarnaise sauce was amazingly creamy and tasty and the ham just smoky enough. The accompanying bread was OK but not great and the PB and jams seemed to come from a jar. But all in all, a really good first impression which came to $28 taxes and tips included. Will definitely come back for brunch and will also try it for dinner soon enough.

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                Has anyone been there lately for brunch? Am thinking of going there with a friend from NY and would like to try something new and good.

              2. On a whim, and because Resevoir opened too late for us, we decided to try out the brunch at Truffert. The place is very tastefully decorated and the chandelier is indeed amazing. I'd like one for my own dining room. Apparently we showed up on their first day serving a new brunch menu. It offers typical egg, meat and potato combos, three variations of eggs benedict, a croque-madame and a croque-monsieur and other savoury and sweet items like duck confit, brandade de morue, quiche, crepes Suzette with ricotta, and coffee cake served with yogourt and fruit.

                I ordered the Entre-Deux ($10,95): a toasted slice of dark country bread topped with bacon, what they called fromage du Québec, two poached eggs and mornay sauce. It comes with fries or salad. I opted for the salad. It was absolutely delicious. The bread was nutty with a nice chewy texture. The cheese was unctuous and tasty, the bacon was just salty enough to bring out the taste of the eggs, and the sauce was nice and light. It was a great dish. I savoured every bite.

                My dining companion ordered the eggs benedict Maritime ($12.95): two-poached eggs, with house smoked salmon, goat cheese, and capers, on a rosti with hollandaise sauce. The rosti was nice and moist with great potato flavour. The combination of the eggs, the goat cheese and the salmon was right on. The capers, though, were nowhere to be seen. The mixed green salad that came with our plates was delicious. The toast, however, was just plain white sandwhich bread and, as Campofiorin pointed out, the peanut buttter and raspberry and apricot preserves seemed to come from a jar.

                The service was fine, prompt but not partcicularily attentive. The coffee was good. The fresh squeezed orange juice was quite reasonably priced at $3 for a good sized glass. We were very pleased with our meal and will definitly be returning soon to sample more of the menu.

                My only peave was with the prices on the menu. What's all this .95 businnes? It's just not classy. Why not just round up the numbers? It just makes the place look cheap. I know that if I hadn't previously read about this place and had seen all this $9.95, $11.95 business, I would have walked right by and gone somewhere else.

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                  When I went for brunch, had a similar experience. Wasn't blown away, the food was good, but I wouldn't call my mother to rave about it and the service was spotty. What I found particular was the size of the portion. I had the some sort of Maritime omelette and I think they used about 6 eggs for it which is enormous when you consider that there was goat cheese and smoked salmon plus all the trimmings...

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                    We had lunch there this past Thursday.

                    The General Tao(Tso?) sweetbreads might be one of the best things I have eaten this year. The sweetbreads were perfectly poached and then rolled in flour and fried to a thin crackly crisp on the outside and perfectly lucious, tender and juicy on the inside. They were then tossed in a great asian glaze and put on top of a julienned bok choy salad. I actually wanted to order another it was so good but thought wiser of it. We also had the quail app which was a nicely marinated but too small half of a quail(This was a $3 supplement to the table d'hote, I think the sweetbreads were a $4 sup) sitting on top of a little salad with julienned apples and greens.

                    For mains we had the house cassoulet which was deeply flavored very nicely cooked beans, a leg of duck confit and some garlic sausage. The flavors were great in the entire dish. I would have preferred some crumbs gratineed on the top but just a minor quibble. The other main we had was the potato crusted loin of rabbit. This was a pretty large portion of loin that was cooked perfectly inside a very thin layer of potato. It was served over some plain sauteed baby spinach and some roasted carrot and parsnip which could have used some better attention.

                    Dessert could have used a lot of help. It was a cinnamon laced rice pudding with caramelized banana on top. We weren't even going to have dessert but it came with the menu so we just decided to split one. That one needs a lot of work.

                    Service was gracious and efficient. The place wasn't very busy as opposed to our lunch at Le St Urbain a couple of weeks ago where the place was packed.

                    We would definitely go back here though as everyone was nice. I would highly recommend trying those sweetbreads and next time I'll get a large portion of them.

                    We had a bottle of Casillero del Diablo which is a Chilean Pinot I think. It was priced at $30 which is only double what the SAQ charges, so no gouging going on there.

                    All in all a very nice lunch. The added bonus is that there are a number of nice food shops right nearby, including one right next door.

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                      How much is the lunch table d'hote? Thanks for your detailed description.

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                        I think the rabbit was $23 and the cassoulet $20. The quail and sweetbreads were additional supplements at about $3 and $4 each respectively.

                2. My husband and I had a nice lunch there last friday after a terrible experience at Byblos - where we were seated by a waitress, and then a couple minutes later a lady (whom I assume was the manager) came to tell us that that table was reserved for 2 p.m. (it was around 12h30). We said that nobody had told us that, and she pointed to a tiny piece of paper taped to the corner of the table. She then said, very rudely, that we had to move to another table where we could stay until 5p.m. if we wanted. I couldn't take the sarcasm and just left. I love their brunch, but I don't think I am ever going back.
                  After that, we decided to go to Bistro Truffert, which is almost next door, and had a completely different experience. The table d'hôte is around $17-23, which is very reasonable. The place looks very good and the food was very good also. We had the goat cheese salad and the Toulouse sausage served with lentils and caramelized carrots which were lovely, and my husband also loved the smoked hareng that he had as appetizer. They even have fresh orange juice, which made me look forward to going there for brunch on the weekends.