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Mar 13, 2007 04:47 AM

Bistro Chritopher Truffert on Laurier


A new restaurant just openned in my neighborhood (Plateau-rue Laurier) and I would like to know if anyone has tried it since I am thinking to go next Thursday. It is called something like Bistro Christophe Truffert. It is on Laurier street. The restaurant used to be Un Monde Sauté!


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  1. I walk by it everyday and am intrigued. I stopped to look at the menu this morning and it reads interesting. A Table d'Hôte is offered with three courses for $22 which seems pretty fait to me. I might go there next week as I'll be alone for dinner a couple of nights. It's an easy 5 minute walk from home. Will report back if I'm going.

    1. Sorry the real name is Christophe Truffert.... Anyone have tried it?

      1. When did "Un monde sauté" close? I went a few months ago, fairly good food, though I wasn't overly impressed with the service.

        1. The original comment has been removed
          1. La Chesterman gives it a positive write-up in today's Gazoo. The article's currently not behind the subscription wall but probably will be soon.

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              FYI, the Montreal Gazette for past while, has graciously made the restaurant review column articles available online from past 30 days free for both subscribers & non-subscribers.