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Mar 12, 2007 11:52 PM

Sugarbush near Toronto

Any sugarbush farm near toronto that serve unlimited pancakes with good maple syrup? I know Elmira is having one on March 30th, but are there any ones that are closer?

Do all of these places offer maple syrup demonstration and tours around the farm?

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  1. Here's a link from the Toronto and Region Conservation Authority. No unlimited pancakes, but lots of (almost free) education and demos about sugaring-off. I think that the two closest parks are Kortright and Bruce's Mill.

    The festival at Elora, and other local towns would be more likely to have all-you-can eat pancakes etc.

    1. McLean's Berry Farm in Buckhorn (apprx. 1.5 hours northeast of Toronto has los of Sugarbsh activities...

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        Hope you'll drop in to Holstein Maplefest.


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          I second McLean Berry Farm... We always enjoy it... 'course, we only live 15 minutes away, but it's worth the drive!

        2. I keep a list of Ontario Maple Syrup Festivals.
          Here's the 2007 list with links:

          13th Annual Maplefest - Love's Sugar Bush (Holstein) (April 7 & 8)

          Springwater Maple Syrup Festival - Aylmer (March 10/11, 17/18, 24/25)

          Maple Syrup Harvest - Westfield Heritage Village (Rockton) (March 4/11/18/25)

          Sugarbush Maple Syrup Festival - Toronto Region Conservation Areas (March 3 - April 9)

          Warkworth Maple Syrup Festival (March 10/11)

          Purple Woods Maple Syrup Festival - Oshawa (March 10-18, 24/25, 31 & Apr 1)

          Buckhorn Maplefest (March 17/18, 24/25 Mar 31 & Apr 1)

          Maple In The County - Prince Edward County (March 24/25)

          Sweetwater Harvest & Maple Syrup Festival - Wye Marsh (March 24/25)

          Saugeen Bluffs Maple Syrup Festival (Mar 31 / Apr 1)

          Elmira - World's Largest One Day Maple Syrup Festival (March 31)

          Sunderland Maple Syrup Festival (Mar 31 / Apr 1)

          Powassan Maple Syrup Festival (April 28)

          Perth Festival of the Maples (April 28)

          Have fun and stay sticky sweet!

          1. Best Maplefest
            13th Annual Holstein Maplefest, 1 1/2 hrs n/w of GTA. Up by Mount Forest. $5.00 Adult and high school admission, elementary free. In an actual sugarbush. Sunday breakfast with Easter Bunny. Shorty Leggs Dodge Rodeo Clown will be there, kids can make a bird house (free), Pancake breakfast $6.50 adults. Great family fun. www.holsteinmaplefest. com.

            1. Bruce's Mill is close and good..but lots of I will have to check all the others..thanks everyone!