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Mar 12, 2007 10:33 PM

Vito's -- it's perfect!

You want average pizza, no problem, there are a hundred places to go.

You want PERFECT NY-style pizza, there's only ONE choice. Vito's blows the roof off of anything I've had in this City-Of-Angel-less-Pizza. Get there, and get there FAST. Get a pie (not a slice, although the slices may be great). The crust, the cheese, the sauce, the flavor, the bubbles in the crust from the oven -- it's all the real deal. 'Nuff said; I am not taking any questions from anyone who hasn't tried it...except this's on La Cienega between Santa Monica and Melrose, in a strip mall on the East side of the street. Be prepared to get the top of your mouth burned off and your socks blown to same place.

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  1. Wait. Vito's? THE Vito's? Back from the dead, and on La Cienega of all places?

      1. It was sooo much better than Nicky D's. At least if you like New York style 'za. But given it's now 20 min from its old location, I don't think I will be getting to enjoy it very often!

          1. How does it compare to D'Amore's?

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              I just did a comparison myself between D'amore's and Vito's. This is how I felt they compared.

              I have always been a huge fan of D'amore's and have sometimes driven great distances to get a slice.

              Yesterday (Saturday) I had two slices at D'amore's on Coldwater Canyon in Sherman Oaks. They were as always delicious, but I noticed that the crust was rather dried out. After reading about Vito's on chowhound, by dinner time I was completely compulsive, thinking that maybe it would be best to try Vito's on the same day...

              Well, I have to say, after being a huge fan of D'amores, I am now a Vito's convert. It is just a bit better. The crust is a bit more chewy. The pizza is thin, yet perfectly crisp without the aid of the cornmeal that D'amore's uses to crisp their crust. They are both excellent and when in the neighbourhood I will continue to stop by D'amore's, but I think I am now a Vito's convert.

              Vito himself is quite a trip. He is very warm and welcoming. It definitely feels like you've stepped into a time warp and are back in New York having a slice. It is on La Cienega between Melrose and Santa Monica on the East side of the street in a strip mall.

              846 N La Cienega Blvd
              Los Angeles, CA 90069 (310) 652-6859

                1. re: intheknow

                  Good for you for giving Vitos a fair shake... and I'm glad now you know! :D