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Vito's -- it's perfect!

You want average pizza, no problem, there are a hundred places to go.

You want PERFECT NY-style pizza, there's only ONE choice. Vito's blows the roof off of anything I've had in this City-Of-Angel-less-Pizza. Get there, and get there FAST. Get a pie (not a slice, although the slices may be great). The crust, the cheese, the sauce, the flavor, the bubbles in the crust from the oven -- it's all the real deal. 'Nuff said; I am not taking any questions from anyone who hasn't tried it...except this one...it's on La Cienega between Santa Monica and Melrose, in a strip mall on the East side of the street. Be prepared to get the top of your mouth burned off and your socks blown to same place.

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  1. Wait. Vito's? THE Vito's? Back from the dead, and on La Cienega of all places?

      1. It was sooo much better than Nicky D's. At least if you like New York style 'za. But given it's now 20 min from its old location, I don't think I will be getting to enjoy it very often!

          1. How does it compare to D'Amore's?

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              I just did a comparison myself between D'amore's and Vito's. This is how I felt they compared.

              I have always been a huge fan of D'amore's and have sometimes driven great distances to get a slice.

              Yesterday (Saturday) I had two slices at D'amore's on Coldwater Canyon in Sherman Oaks. They were as always delicious, but I noticed that the crust was rather dried out. After reading about Vito's on chowhound, by dinner time I was completely compulsive, thinking that maybe it would be best to try Vito's on the same day...

              Well, I have to say, after being a huge fan of D'amores, I am now a Vito's convert. It is just a bit better. The crust is a bit more chewy. The pizza is thin, yet perfectly crisp without the aid of the cornmeal that D'amore's uses to crisp their crust. They are both excellent and when in the neighbourhood I will continue to stop by D'amore's, but I think I am now a Vito's convert.

              Vito himself is quite a trip. He is very warm and welcoming. It definitely feels like you've stepped into a time warp and are back in New York having a slice. It is on La Cienega between Melrose and Santa Monica on the East side of the street in a strip mall.

              846 N La Cienega Blvd
              Los Angeles, CA 90069 (310) 652-6859

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                  Good for you for giving Vitos a fair shake... and I'm glad now you know! :D

              1. THANK YOU thank you thank you! I have been craving NY Style Pizza and have been searching CH for the past few weeks to try to find something that would satisfy my craving. GRAZIE!

                1. how does it compare with village pizzeria? (just went on sunday!)

                  1. Hey, can't you 'hounds read?
                    I ain't comparing Vito's to anything this side of the Susquehanna River. You want to compare it to something in Philly, New Haven, or New York then try Vito's and meet me on another board:)

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                      So you are saying Westwood or Studio City are back east? Have you had D'Amore's pies and if so, how would you compare them to Vito's?

                    2. any info on exact address or what side of the street its on at least? i want to go for lunch!

                      1. "on La Cienega between Santa Monica and Melrose, in a strip mall on the East side of the street"
                        North of Koi
                        Same minimall as Rice, a Chinese/Japanese monstrosity.
                        Get a whole pie, David. I just can't vouch for the slices.

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                        1. re: Ciao Bob

                          oh, so it's probably in the old Kikuchi or rather older Bistro 21 location. cool.

                        2. im a fan of slice pizza. whole pies always get soggy in the center 1/3. and im rolling out right now! SOLO!


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                            I have a chef friend who always orders pizza UNCUT. You usually have to say this a couple of times. Cut it at home. Cures the soggy problem.

                          2. is this the same vito's that was on vermont? oh, how i miss their pizza...nothing else like it in the city...please, tell me it's true!

                              1. is the menu the same as the old vito's? for example, the white pie?

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                                  Absolutely the best NY-style pizza in LA. Crust is perfect and toppings are delicious.


                                2. just got back from vito's for lunch. monday was first day of soft opening. no menus or credit card machine yet. they said maybe by this weekend. cash prices are slightly discounted right now because of this. they will have beer and wine. small cozy place.

                                  great pie. i had a slice of pepperoni and a vegetarian which had ricotta, spinach, tomatoes. and they have a white pie with fresh mozarella.
                                  right now cheese slices are 2.50 and the rest are 3bucks.

                                  imported stones from italy. good sh*t... friendly italian service

                                  and i just ate at damiano's (desperate) and village pizza since friday.

                                  vito's pizza
                                  846 N. La Cienega Blvd
                                  LA 90069
                                  east side of the street just north of koi.

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                                    Had the veggie slice today and it was great, but it's ricotta not mozzarella on it. I asked for a side of marinara and never got it, which is the only bad thing I can say. Pizza was good enough that I didn't really care. Total cost with tax: 3.25. I can't complain, it was great!

                                  2. Been lurking a while, but decided to jump in :).

                                    I went over today, must say its pretty tasty. Had the pepperoni, and I'm eating a to-go slice of the veggie pizza as a late night snack. Its got chunks of tomato, big old pieces of broccoli, lots of basil leaves, and globs of mozzarella(?).

                                    It's a little out of the way for me, but it would make a great place to get a pizza to go after a spree at the beverly center or even the grove.

                                    North of melrose, east side, in the "cienaga shopping center," other side of street from the fire pizza co.

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                                    1. re: trojandude

                                      i was hoping they were basil leaves at first but they are spinach leaves. and i was hoping for mozzarella, but it was a still tasty ricotta instead.

                                      1. re: modernist

                                        Ah yes, my eyes did deceive me. Once I bit into it i knew something was a bit off. Never had broccoli on a pizza before, but it's not bad.

                                    2. After reading the hype and a few posts and it being a lovely day for a top down drive, yesterday I went over the hill to Vito’s for a slice. Mindful of Ciao Bob’s post about a whole pie, and my firm belief that no slice place can make really good pizza using a Baker’s Pride oven and less than top quality ingredients, and yes, I am well aware of DiFara’s in Brooklyn, I asked when they would make a new pie, and was told about 20 minutes. I asked if they made personal size pies, and was told no, only the one large size. It was suggested that I have a reheated slice, but I demurred, telling them I am just not a fan of reheated slices, and didn’t want to hang around 20 minutes for them to make a new pie. Mario, who together with Vito is the pizzaiolo, then offered me a free reheated slice which I accepted to check out the taste. Ciao Bob, you are right. If you want to eat there, get a whole fresh pie or a slice from a pie that just came out of the oven.. I can’t vouch for that taste, but it has to be a lot better than reheated. I’ve come to understand that there are those of you out there who want pizza NOW. Not having had a fesh slice, I can’t comment about it’s taste, but I think Vito’s is probably as good as any other slice place. As for me, I’ll take Mozza, or if I am in the mood for a drive, Antica. IMHO, they are the only places in LA that make good pizza. If you have a few minutes, go to this site and read about one pizza aficionado’s quest for the ultimate pie made at home. http://jvpizza.sliceny.com/.

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                                      1. re: pizzafreak

                                        which slice did he reheat for you? they reheated a slice of the white pizza for me and it was utterly fantastic, so great that i actually took two more slices with me.

                                        i plan on trying a whole pie the next time.

                                        Vito's mentioned that they'd be getting menus in the next couple days and would also start delivery shortly.

                                        1. re: esculent

                                          It was a tomato sauce and cheese slice.

                                        1. re: ecco22

                                          per esculent:

                                          "Vito's mentioned that they'd be getting menus in the next couple days and would also start delivery shortly."

                                          1. re: ecco22

                                            When I was there today, they took a phone call on that topic and said it would probably be in about two weeks.

                                          2. i guess its important to put this in context. it is simple gas oven pizza. but i still dig it. it has its time and place.

                                            from what i posted elsewhere:
                                            yeah, i ate at mozza 3 times within the first month of opening, and its good stuff, but sometimes you just want a slice that you grab from the last centimeter of crust and that shit just cantilevers straight out like a raging dough and cheese hard on.
                                            like the gunter behnisch designed munich oympics tent, that crust is a magical structure that defies gravity. the veggie slice with ricotta is so thin yet it does not buckle under the weight of tomato, cheese and spinach.

                                            if you remember vito's pizza off of vermont near LACC this is it.
                                            right now is still soft opening and the pizza is already amazingly good (and i just ate at village pizzeria and damiano's (desperate) in the last 4 days). they imported their stone from italy. not sure if they're using bakers pride or what, and the service is what you want from a good pizza joint.

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                                            1. re: modernist

                                              "...and that shit just cantilevers straight out like a raging dough and cheese hard on.."

                                              I am available as a Vito's pizza "fluffer" if the need (ahem) arises

                                              1. re: modernist

                                                I'd like to see more reviews like this.

                                              2. just went to vito's. good though not exceptional cheese slices (reminds me a lot of patsy's in the farmer's market, but loads less greasy)

                                                and yeah, it can't compete with difara's or lombardi's but i'll have to give it a few more trys.

                                                1. Absolutely reminds me of a less greasy Patsy's as well, kevin. Don't know difara's or lombardi's.

                                                  1. Anybody here remember La Barbara's pizza? Used to go there back in my undergrad UCLA days. Is there anyplace around that does a pie like them?

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                                                    1. re: cyberfoodie

                                                      i remember, it was great. wish there as something like it, but alas, it was one of a kind. what streets was it on? can't remember.

                                                        1. re: Dogbite Williams

                                                          Wilshire at Westgate... I too discovered La Barbara's as an undergraduate and always took friends there when I wanted to impress them. It was NOT just pizza, IT WAS THE BEST PIZZA! Nothing since has ever come close, but I promise to try Vito's.

                                                          Later, I worked at the Market "Bucket" (now a Ralph's, I think) across the street and could eat luch there almost every day. Scotty... please beam me back to 1974...Thank you.

                                                          1. re: TGermany

                                                            Although a big Vito's fan, Vito's pizza will not remind you of La Barbera's. I too think of La Barbera's often in my undergrad years. I don't remember the crust so much as I thought the pepperoni, mozarella and mushroom tegether with the crust created a uniquely wonderful tasting experience.

                                                            Vito's is different but also superb. Try the white.

                                                      1. re: cyberfoodie

                                                        ah, the memories.... i graduated from ucla in 1975 and this was the regular hangout. we continued going well into the 80's when one day i drove from the valley for lunch, and there was a big hole in the ground waiting for an underground parking structure. all this reminiscing got me to look at my collection of matchbook covers - and - I HAVE ONE FROM LA BARBERA'S.. i've taken a couple of photos and will now try to attach them.

                                                        btw: i think that the closest pizza to la barbera's is barone's on oxnard just west of woodman.

                                                      2. Okay, before discussing the miraculous return of Vito's (yes, it is the same wonderful Vito from across from LACC on Vermont), a word on the slice vs. pie controversy. I worked on one season of IRON CHEF, and had a lovely conversation with Mario Batali on this very subject, and he completely agreed with me. The best slice of pizza is a reheated slice (or, to remove the slightly negative connotations of the word "reheated," a "twice-cooked slice"), but it should be one that didn't sit around for much more than an hour or so, and it should also not have been permitted to get too cold while waiting. It's that second heating that gives the traditional NY slice its crispness. You can't get that snap from the crust combined with the magical alchemy from the combination of the cheese and sauce from a single baking. Just can't be done. Just change "reheated" to "twice-baked" if that helps you to feel better about it!

                                                        Now, on to Vito's. For my money, the best bet is the good old tomato and cheese slice, though his pepperoni slices are great as well. I've got no use for the broccoli-infested veggie pizzas, or the ricotta five-cheese slices, however I must say that they're quite popular, and I've heard raves for them. Go. Get a slice of cheese and a slice of 'roni, and enjoy. Vito and Mario and the new addition to the team, Antonio, are all great guys and a pleasure to hang out with.

                                                        And if you're in the mood for something more substantial, the chicken parm is quite wonderful as well. The only miscalculation I can see is that there just aren't enough tables, and this place is going to be SRO most of the time.

                                                        Vito's place on Vermont was so beloved that when it closed, there was a candlelight vigil to try to persuade him to return. Well, he has actually returned, in a nicer location, and deserves your support. The plans are for the new place to be open until 4AM Thursday through Sunday, but it will take a little while for him to get up to speed to get that in gear. For the time being, you should arrive by 10:00 at the latest.

                                                        Now, if DiDio's Italian Ice from Santa Monica (or, as long as we're hoping for the impossible, the Lemon Ice King of Corona) were to open a store in the same minimall, I'd know that there really is a God.

                                                        Welcome home, Vito!

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                                                        1. re: claster

                                                          4 AM! Now we're talking. NY hours, we need some of that in this town.

                                                          Good info on the reheated/twice cooked slice!

                                                        2. So excited to have this back!

                                                          1. Gave it a go. Most impressive. It's kind of like a mix between Tomato Pie with Albano's crust, but it's much better. I'm adding it to the rotation with Village, Lamonica's, etc.

                                                            Please no more comparisons to heavyweight NY pizza. We live in LA, deal with it.

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                                                            1. re: sloanedone

                                                              Strongly agree re: the comparisons!

                                                              1. re: sel

                                                                I agree also. I think Vito's makes a very typical NY slice, probably better than most. FYI, I have the same regard for NY slice places that I have for LA slice places, with 2 NY exceptions. One uses a coal fired oven, and the other is a living legend. Like I said, if you need your fix NOW, I am sure Vito's will satisfy your lust of the moment.

                                                            2. I'm going to venture over the hill in traffic most likely in an hour or so...(Hey, it IS for pizza!)Can't wait... going to do a slice or 2 there and a pie to go.

                                                                1. Went there on Wednesday, and although the place was suffering from opening week issues, had a good experience overall. The staff was most gracious and friendly, and continually thanked us for our patience. Ordered our pizza with pepperoni, sausage, and onion, and it was delicious. Was with a New Yorker, and he vouched that it was one of the best he has had. Only one small issue - the pizzas are only large - 18" - and once on the table (which are small), there is barely any room for your plate. However, an acquisition of those pizza stands will rectify this issue. Also, dining area is very small, so lots of people were taking to go (as the place was packed). Overall a good experience and look forward to going back.

                                                                  1. Dayum!!!!!!! Vito's is absolutely fabulous pizza. I had 2 slices' one pepperoni and one "deluxe" of course simple is always better but the slice holds up well with lotsa of extras as well but the simple cheese or pepperoni is the way to go. My 12 year old pizzaholic protégé had a mushroom slice and a pepperoni; She LOVED it and promptly proclaimed the death of Mulberry and D'Amore's. They were all great I mean really great! this place gets it just right, an almost perfect, very flavorful sauce, you can taste the garlic and oregano, it blends just right with the quality cheese and that almost cracker like crust brings it home creating a really a splendid semi chewy texture.

                                                                    I spoke with Vito while he was making my pie (actually after he made it, I didn’t want to bother him), He was matter of factly stating that this is what he loves... He really puts his heart and soul into his food. I told him I came from over the hill and would be visiting often. He wasn’t surprised and knew a true pizza lover from the glazed look I had in my eyes after the first bite.... He was telling me about when he first came to town (He is from Jersey) looking for good pizza "back east style" and was shocked at the dearth of truly good pizza places as he said "there are so few places where they are even trying to make a good pie" apparently he has been to most of the other "good" pizza houses and is very confident that his is at the top.... no braggadocio here... just fact... this is the real deal he told me, I told him yes..... Yes it is!

                                                                    1. My parter is from New Haven where the 2 top in the USA rated pizza parlors are, and he is always looking for great New Haven or NYC pizza and always disappointed. We'd been to Vito's on Vermont, then found it was out of business. Thanks to Chowhound this week, we found Vito's again and had lunch there today. Mushroom and onion pie, just the right amount of tomato sauce, good cheese and oregano. Delicious. Vito and his cousin couldn't be more welcoming and friendly. They said many customers have told them they found about about the restaurant from Chowhound. While there, I met a Chowhounder. The pie was too big to finish, so we had the 2nd half for dinner. Go an enjoy!

                                                                      1. I just went to Vito's for lunch today. Because my buddy and I wouldn't have been able to finish a whole pie, we just opted for a bunch of slices. The cheese pizza had just come out of the oven, so I had to have a piece of that, but my favorite was the mushroom pizza. Great stuff.

                                                                        For me, I think what makes it tasty is the crust. It's done perfectly. Thin, with a good amount of snap to it, but not so thin as to be brittle. A good amount of chew, but never so much where you feel like it's a piece of bread.

                                                                        Cool ambiance, too, definitely a neighborhood pizza joint vibe to it, which was really nice. Sometimes all you want is a slice and a place to sit. I should have taken one of the tables outside, though, as it got crowded pretty quick indoors.

                                                                        Parking is tight. Because I'm somewhat local to WeHo, I'm more likely to just take the bus there if it means that I don't have to worry about the parking.

                                                                        1. Was also there for lunch today, and it's the return of a much-loved classic. If anything, the pizza tasted even better than I remembered. Tried the cheese, the pepperoni, the veggie and the sausage, and all were fantastic. The guys were all there and as friendly as ever. Only slight negative is that I kind of miss the divey LACC location.

                                                                          1. i'm gonna be the lone dissenting voice here and say vito's isn't as good as i remember. stopped by late afternoon today as i was in the neighborhood. grabbed a slice of pepperoni and while the crust was good, the sauce and cheese were disappointing. it's nothing like traditional ny style pizza that i love at lombardi's and grimaldi's. vito's sauce tasted canned and the cheese just didn't do it for me. guess i'll still have to get my fix at the nearest true ny pizza in scottsdale az, branch of grimaldi's: the brick oven, fresh sauce/cheese make all the difference in making a great pie!

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                                                                            1. re: zack

                                                                              You are right about the sauce and cheese. You can see the cartons of cans stacked up in the kitchen, and it's not San Marzano DOP, or any brand that I have heard of. He uses an aged skim milk mozza that comes in bricks which he slices on a slicing machine, one step up from Pizza commercial, which is the yellow chunky stuff that most slice places use. Really Zack, you can't compare apples and oranges. Both Lombardi's and Grimaldi's in NY are whole pie places using fresh ingredients and a heat source that throws off more heat than Vito's gas oven. As for Grimaldi's in Phoenix, as long as you are in Phoenix go to Pizzeria Bianco. I think you will enjoy Chris Bianco's pies also. And Antica, in MDR makes a good Neo pie, which is what I think you mean by a NY pie.

                                                                            2. Oh my God - Vito's is BACK? Can anyone confirm it? I'm from New Haven. So you have my cred. If this is THE Vito's we are all saved. Damn the bastards for moving West for I will now have to drive further. Can't wait - thank you for this posting!

                                                                              1. Lots of good reports here on Chowhound – most of them positively gushing. My expectations were very high. These guys, Vito and the others were extremely friendly, helpful and talkative. We normally eat lunch around 1 but purposely got there at 11:45 to beat the huge crowds. Wrong!! – easy parking and no other customers except the two of us. The pizzas come in only one size – large. The display case where the pies for “slices only” are kept looked unappetizing. Each pie appeared flat, dried out, no visible sauce, no glisten. I have to assume they baked these a long time ago. We ordered a whole sausage pizza and shot the breeze with the staff while waiting. They were all very enthusiastic about the pie. I watched Mario prepare it and slip it into the oven, my taste buds tingling in anticipation. Sorry, pizza lovers, this turned out to be a decently prepared, but very ordinary pie. Their oven wasn’t hot enough. Straight out of the oven I expected to practically burn my mouth. Never happened – it was warm at best. There were no air blisters around the edge, another sign of an oven which is not hot enough. There was no oven spring at all in the crust. The cheese, although liberal, was run-of-the-mill mozzarella. No Parmeggiano or Grana, although Parm was available in shakers for later dusting at the table. There was certainly not enough sauce. What there was did not taste like old-fashioned tomato-based oregano-flavored pizza sauce. It tasted like canned, even if it wasn’t. There was no olive oil drizzled on top, a prerequisite for top-notch pizza. You watch the good pizzaiolos, they invariably put a little olive oil on top of the pie either before or, rarely, after it comes out of the oven. The sausage was thinly sliced, instead of chunked like it should be for good taste and mouth feel. Expecting a late lunch Hollywood crowd, we saw only about 3 other people randomly coming in for a slice or two in the hour we were there. On a scale of zero to 10, I’ll rate Vito’s a 6.5. Wish it weren’t so. Still searching…..

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                                                                                1. re: Mas o Menos

                                                                                  Sorry you didn't enjoy it... I made the trip from the valley Friday evening and found it to be as flavorful and crispy and as mouth scalding hot as ever.... Vito and I spoke at length while he also chatted up a very attractive regular customer, he is always generous in so many ways as he gave me 3 free slices of the (incredible!) white pie, along with the 4 other slices my pizza loving protégé and I enjoyed, of course we also had to take a whole pie home as well..... Since you didn’t enjoy it, I am curious what are some of your favorite pizza haunts?

                                                                                  1. re: Mas o Menos

                                                                                    I totally agree with you, Mas o Menos. Vito's pizza is crap and reheated Vito's pizza is worse crap. With the exception of Antica and Mozza, all the other slice joints in LA are serving crap. Unfortunately there is not much they can do about it. All these places use gas Baker's Pride or similar ovens, which put out at best 550 degrees, which is just not enough heat to make a quality pie, They use less than top quality ingredients because in order to make money to survive they have to be price competitive with each other. Vito uses aged skim milk mozza which he gets in bricks and slices on a machine. No quality pizza place would be caught dead using that stuff, which is one grade above the crumbled yellow stuff called pizza commercial that almost all of the other slice places use. To Vito's credit, instead of having a steel deck in lhis oven as almost all the others do, he put in stones, but even with stones, you can't get more heat than the oven puts out. A lot of this problem is caused by the restaurant code in LA, which limits the heat source they can use because of environmental issues. You can't just install a woodburning oven and open for business. It was no accident that Mozza is located on the former Allessio site, because they had a wood burning oven, which was grandfathered to succeeding tenants. Mozza's oven is regulated at 700 degrees on the deck, and 900 degrees at the peak, and Antica's probably throws off the same. All good pizza crusts have what is called "holes in the bread," This is very visible when you view a slice of the end crust at both Mozza and Antica from the side. Check out Vito's and see if you can see the same thing. You get this from a high heat source and good fermentation of the dough when it is made. If I were to open a pizzeria in LA, which I am not, , I would look into electric heat which really throws off high temp, and generally follow the recipe of Jeff Varasano, http://jvpizza.sliceny.com/ who makes some of the best home made pizza ever using a modified home electric oven. . And once again, yes, I do know about DiFara's in Bklyn, but don't compare what he puts out with Vito's or Albano's or Mulberry, etc, etc.

                                                                                    1. re: pizzafreak

                                                                                      I get Vito's probably once a week, or every other.

                                                                                      I like Vito's, and I generally don't have a habit of putting crap in my mouth. Vito's is the closest in L.A. I've personally had to NY pizza, but then I haven't spent a ton of time eating at every pizza joint in NY. Okay, so he doesn't use San Marzano tomatoes (this last year was a bad year anyway) or mozzarella di bufala. Lunch for two at Vito's is around 10 or 15 bucks. Lunch for two at Mozza was 60 last time I went. Apples and oranges here.

                                                                                      I understand your points but I think it's unfair to call it "crap". You wouldn't tell a grandma who uses non-DOP canned tomatoes and De Cecco spaghetti that her pasta pomodoro is crap would you?

                                                                                      P.S. Grande Mozzarella is pretty damn good pizza mozzarella and it comes in bricks. I'm not sure it's available to the public though, I think it's sold by purveyors only. The mozzarella that Mozza uses looks like cubes that have been cut from a larger brick, I'd be interested in what brand they use.

                                                                                      1. re: fooddude37

                                                                                        With 1 exception I have the same low regard for NY slice places as I do for LA slice places for the very same reasons, the exception being Patsy's in Spanish Harlem, where I wait for a pie to come out of their coal fired oven and then buy 2 slices. I have never been to Difara's in B'klyn, who also sells slices, so cannot include him in my favorite list. I am pretty sure that Mozza uses only Buf mozza bought from the only US source that makes it, but I'll ask Toby, the afternoon pizza chef de cuisine the next time I am there. Lastly, the reason I called it crap was the huge letdown I had when I ate a reheated slice at Vito's because I didn't want to wait a half hour for their next fresh pie. Although I should have known better, I let myself be sucked in by the hype and other people's taste buds as to what great pizza is. As far as cost, you can get a Margherrita at Mozza for $11. and the most expensive pizza is $17. The rest is add-ons, and I kick myself every time for having a salad and wine also, because I don't like spending 60 bucks for lunch either, but oh that crust. It's a royal pain for me to go to Mozza, but every 2 or 3 weeks my pizza lust gets fired up, and I motor on down there to get in line at 11:45 for the noon opening. The initial Mozza thrill is gone for me now.When Mozza first opened I was there twice a week for a month. Ss far as I am concerned it's the best ballgame in town.

                                                                                  2. I really enjoyed the white pizza - incredibly flavorful, but I wish there was more sauce on the terra firma and other slices. Also - I know that pizza like this doesn't travel well, but literally after 4 or 5 minutes in the box (I live a block away), the crust was soggy and floppy and it had to be eaten with a fork and a knife.

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                                                                                    1. re: mehfactor

                                                                                      I took mine home to the valley and warmed it up on a pizza stone and viola! Instant crispyness.

                                                                                    2. Thanks for the recommendation -- I'll definitely have to check it out.

                                                                                      One question, though: How does Vito's compare to perennial favorite Casa Bianca?
                                                                                      I just tried Casa Bianca for the first time last week, and I have to admit I walked away mighty impressed. Best I've had in LA, hands down. If Vito's is better than THAT, I guess I'll have a new favorite.. and prepare to gain a few more pounds!

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                                                                                      1. re: sanangel

                                                                                        No comparison. The pizza at CB is not up to Vito's level... and you don't have to wait an hour on line to get Vito's pizza.

                                                                                        1. re: Das Ubergeek

                                                                                          There's no comparison because they are completely different kinds of pizza. That said if I were to leave LA the superb pie at Casa Bianca's would be hard to replace. As opposed to delicious Vito's which fills a void in a pizza deprived city but certainly has matches elsewhere.

                                                                                      2. I went to Vito's yesterday. Liked it; wasn't blown away by it.

                                                                                        I would definitely recommend the sausage over the plain cheese slice. The sausage is very good. Next time I want to try the Mediterranean Veggie slice, too.

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                                                                                        1. re: Itslikeimsayin

                                                                                          I love the sausage pizza at Vito's. My cousin turned me on to this place about 2 mos agho and it is the most authentic NY/NJ pizza I've had hear in Cali

                                                                                          1. re: JSny

                                                                                            Is it crumbled or sliced? Thx.

                                                                                            1. re: Snoopy

                                                                                              Sliced, but nice and thick... It's very meaty and satisfying... and this comes from a strictly crumbles girl...


                                                                                              1. re: Dommy

                                                                                                When I had the sausage pizza, the sausage was just the opposite. It was almost translucent due to being nearly paper thin.

                                                                                        2. Has anyone tried their meatball sandwich?

                                                                                          2 Replies
                                                                                          1. re: MeowMixx

                                                                                            Nope, but we plan to soon when we're going to Bowl this summer! :)


                                                                                            1. re: MeowMixx

                                                                                              I will definitely try the meatball sandwich next time I'm in.
                                                                                              The eggplant parmigiana sandwich was unbelievable, floating in ricotta cheese on the lightest fluffiest roll ever.

                                                                                            2. Enjoyed Vito's but... Albano's still tastes more NY to me. Albano's crust is thinner and the sauce is more east coast. That said, Vito's is pretty darned good.

                                                                                              1. We ate there again last night for a late slice. I used to rarely eat pizza in LA because I couldn't find a place I liked. We now go to Vito's about once a week. I do want to mention that the service is always friendly. At this point, the waiter says HI and addresses me by name. I can't believe I used to deal with the surly folks at Damiano's when I wanted a Fairfax/WeHo slice.

                                                                                                I love the White Pie because the crust has a nice taste. The sausage is really good too. The one thing about Vito's is that the quality of the ingredients is very high. The veggies on the Veggie Pizza are plentiful and they I like to add really good fresh Spinach on the White Pie. The salads are pretty good too.

                                                                                                1. Made my second trip there yesterday with two others and we all really loved everything we got – two slices of margherita, one pepperoni, one Mediterranean veggie, one pesto and one terra firma. The crust is so perfect. The highlights for me were the ricotta on the veggie and pesto slices and the sausage on the terra firma.

                                                                                                  1. Tried it for the first time last night. Quoted 1 hour for delivery. It took an hour and 45. We ordered with friends and we were too hungry to reheat it in the oven so the crust was on the soggy, tough-bready side. It wasn't any better than Mulberry, Village or the more greasy Lamonicas. Obviously fresh would have improved it's standing and I'll have to check them out in person. My sense is that quoting anyone over 45 minutes for delivery is the same as: "we're swamped and we have no idea when you'll get it". Not just with Vito's, other places seem to fall apart when quoting beyond the 45 mark as well.

                                                                                                    1 Reply
                                                                                                    1. re: ahuacatl

                                                                                                      Finally got around to eating there. The eating is cramped and I hate La Cienega for miles, but Vito's pizza is a worthy shield. Count me as a fan.

                                                                                                    2. Vito's is great Pizza hands down. I went to Joe's over the weekend and had a great slice also but for my money I'm sticking with Vito's. I used to be a follower of Casa De Pizza in Granada Hills but one bite of Vito's and I converted.

                                                                                                      1. Just had it for the first time yesterday and it's the best slice of NY Style cheese pizza I've ever had in LA ever. Beats Joe's by a mile. Four Thumbs Up.

                                                                                                        7 Replies
                                                                                                        1. re: wienermobile

                                                                                                          Is there a conspiracy to bump half-decade old threads started by Ciao Bob today? ;-)

                                                                                                          Edit: Yikes, 2007 is 70% of a decade ago already...

                                                                                                              1. re: Ciao Bob

                                                                                                                agreed! Vito's is excellent NY style pizza...i do like the white pizza...nice and garlicky! excellent crusts...usually, even reheated slices are way better than any other slice in LA! i will say that the first couple years that Joe's was open here, it was as good, but no more!

                                                                                                            1. re: wienermobile

                                                                                                              The white slice with nubs of ricotta and dotted with pesto is AWESOME

                                                                                                              1. re: orythedog

                                                                                                                just had that one on friday! i liked the one with fresh mozzarella the best. found the cheese to be a bit bland, but who knows maybe it was an off day? i've liked it in the past.