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Mar 12, 2007 09:58 PM

Best Place For A Small-Mid Size Business Dinner?

I will be attending the Ad-Tech convention in San Francisco during April 24th through the 26th. The event is being held at the Mocone Convention Center. I am looking for a place for a small-mid size nice, sit down business dinner. I have never traveled to the San Fran area so any advice would help!

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    1. Go to to check out the restaurants in the area you're looking for as well as availability. I suggest making reservations right away if you can. Tables can be hard to come by in SF these days! For restaurants near Moscone Center that are good for groups, no restaurant does it better than LuLu. They serve family style European food and the place isn't kitchy. You'll need reservations for sure. For a more fun and casual atmosphere but good gourmet food, you may also want to try Thirsty Bear. And for the highest end cuisine, you can try Azie which is Asian fusion and right next door to Lulu (same owners).

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        Lulu is a huge place. Thirsty Bear is very casual and noisy, more of a bar atmosphere.

        I'm not sure if "small-mid size" is referring to the party or the restaurant.

      2. How big is "small to mid-size"?

        There was just a post a couple of days ago from a guy attending a convention at Moscone who loved Pazzia.