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Mar 12, 2007 09:49 PM

ISO Zucchini Blossoms in NYC

First of all, this website is a dream come true. Nice to meet you all.

Second, after adoring Di Fara's zucchini blossoms for years now, we finally decided we should try to make some on our own. Where can we get them here, though?


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  1. I've found them at the Union Square Farmers Market, at the cart right near the subway entrance at the corner of 17th and Union Square West....

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    1. At what time of year? Locally, they're generally only available in summer. To my surprise, we were in an Italian restaurant a few weeks ago (Crispo, on 14th St.) and they were offered as a special appetizer and were excellent. We asked where they were from, and they said they were flown in that morning from Israel.

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        The ones at DiFara's are also amazing, and he also has them flown in (along with the rest of his ingredients...) Thanks!

      2. I had them as an appetizer at Cookshop, but I believe it was during the summer while they were in season

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          Glad summer's coming, and thank you!

        2. You can buy them at Garden of Eden, too. But they're super expensive there, so I'd go only as a last resort.

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