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Mar 12, 2007 09:06 PM

shake shack

can't wait. eight days and counting.

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  1. when does everyone think the best time of day/week to go is?

    1. first sunny day. shoot for 2, maybe 3 p.m.
      scratch a doggy. spring is here!

      1. later is better. If you go early, even right before they open, you end up standing in line for EVER. It's worth it though. Are they open for dinner?

        1. When is the least busy of all hours? If it means more than 15-20 minute wait I dont think I'll check it out. Instead i'll just head over to burger joint at le parker meriden.

          1. i've never had a wait when i either go around 3 or so or after the dinner rush, 8 or later.

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            1. re: jon

              3 is a great time to go. I'm sure the first few nice days will be packed all day long so I would wait a few weeks till it gets back to normal (which is still crazy).

              1. re: jon

                They're only going to be open until 7pm for now...

                1. re: selizara

                  Darn ... where did you hear that? For some irrational reason, I was hoping they were going to jump right into 11 to 11. On a weeknight, I can't get there any earlier than 7:30 at the absolute earliest ...

                    1. re: selizara

                      They always start out with limited hours. It's the same at the end of the season. They start closing earlier as it gets colder.