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Mar 12, 2007 08:13 PM

Jamroc Encintas

Has anyone tried the Jamiacan place out? Pretty decent reviews on Yelp.

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  1. I tried it when it first opened and from what I recall what we had was all decent. Of course it was nowhere near the jamaican food I've tried in LA or Florida, but for San Diego (Island Spice? meh) it was pretty good. I think we went on a weekend and I had the whole fish which was very fresh, if lacking a little in the flavor punch I was hoping for. And my sister had the ox tails which were not on the menu, but a board special. She raved about it, but had been dreaming of a plate of oxtails swimming in gravy since our last trek to Orlando. I remember us both being happy with our meal, neither thrilled nor disappointed.

    1. My SO and I stumbled onto this place in taking a break from the horrific traffic on the 5 when we were heading down to San Diego from LA today. What a great surprise! My SO had the BBQ chicken sandwich and he said it was awesome (I had a bite and I concur) - he raved about the bread and the spicy-sweet balance. The potato chips were good although very different from your typical American potato chips (not salty), and SO liked the coleslaw (he said that the pineapple in it was a nice touch). I wasn't that hungry so just had a "patty", which is like a samosa. I chose curry chicken upon their recommendation and found it to be extremely tasty - and quite a steal at $2.50. Overall, a highly recommended rest stop between LA and SD!