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Mar 12, 2007 07:36 PM

wanted - middle eastern caterer for 75 - exact same idea as Jerusalem buffet but at my own venue

I know the overall censuses of this website is that we do not like Jerusalem (the one on Leslie) however i think it would be the kinda food my guest would love (a big lavish spread of many many varieties of dishes)

is there any other place that can provide such a spread at my own venue? I inquired at Jerusalem them selves and was told that they do not cater their entire buffet out.


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  1. The Afghan Women's Group offers a catering service that is reasonably priced and very good quality AFghani/middle eastern food:

    you could also get several dips/side dishes from Sababa, Me Va Me or Tov Li to complement the spread...

    You might also try the smaller places like King Falafel (Bath/Eglinton) to see if they cater...

    1. I'm pretty sure Me Va Me could do it. I've used them to cater a dinner for around 30 people, actually it was through their "Express" location. Whenever I am in there it seems their driver is taking off with enough food to feed a small army, so I got to figure 75 could be done (and delivered) quite easily.

      1. is Me Va Me a buffet? or a restaurant with a menu?

        i'd love to get a couple of whole lambs like Jerusalem has

        1. Just call Jerusalem...they will cater!

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            No -- i asked them in person. They DO cater. But they would not give me their entire buffet (even tho i said i didn't care about the cost)

          2. Well if you wanted the variety of the buffet, I doubt Me Va Me could do it. Well I've never actually been to the buffet, but I have to assume there is quite a variety of food. Me Va Me would be great for their salads, meat (kabobs, shawarma, schnitzel, steaks, etc.), soup, sides and falafel.

            Nonetheless, I am not quite sure I see the rationale of Jerusalem turning down your request. You did say you would pay anything, I once made a pretty mean lamb :)