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Mar 12, 2007 07:34 PM

Looking for recommendations for San Juan, Puerto Rico

We will be going to San Juan the first week in May (joining my husband for work) and will have one night for dinner alone. We'll be staying at the Intercontinental in Isla Verde. We're looking for an upscale restaurant (preferably seaood) either with a nice sea view or a quaint restaurant, perhaps in Old San Juan (quiet rather than high energy loud). Could also use some lunch suggestions for solo lunches while my husband is working!

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  1. The original comment has been removed
    1. Go to Tangerine at the Waterclub near the Intercontinental. It's divine. Have a drink on the roof top terrace first. Carli's Cafe was very romantic for dessert and drinks (Old San Juan). Lunch try Cafe Manolin, Puerto Rico Cafe and Parrot Club. Love Bombanera for Mallorcas and coffee and fresh fruit (on San Francisco in OSJ).

      1. My husband and I had the BEST time when we stayed there!!! Ironically, the sushi restaurant in the hotel was fabulous and we ate it poolside often.You could even eat that one day by yourself outside and just chill for lunch. We ventured into Old San Juan to a very quaint restaurant called Baru. It was wonderful and the owner was friendly and charming. He made recommendations that were right on. Avoid the restaurants at the El San Juan Hotel next door to you-what a rip off.

        1. Aguaviva is fantastic. Amazingly fresh ceviches and delicious mojitos. It's pretty expensive, but my husband and I (cheapskates that we are) thought it was well worth it and still dream of that meal. It's on a nice little corner in Old San Juan.

          For lunch, please go to Casa Dante in Isla Verde. It's frequented by many locals and is well known for their mofongo (mashed plantain with pork) and camarones (shrimp, especially with Criolla sauce).

          Also, if you have a car, I urge you to spend a day outside San Juan. There are some wonderful streetside food kiosks just a short drive outside San Juan in Pinones. The street food is the best in P.R.

          1. Thanks for the great suggestions!