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Mar 12, 2007 06:38 PM

one dinner and one brunch

I will be staying at the Royal Sonesta this weekend, which I believe is on the Cambridge-Boston border. Anyway is there any recommendations for a Friday and Saturday night diner and a brunch on Sunday. Lunch is taken care of since we are attending a party. Thanks in advance. I am aware that it is St. Patty's Day weekend.

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  1. For brunch in your general neighborhood I would suggest the East Coast Grill (southwestern twists on brunch foods, make your own bloody mary bar) or the B-side Lounge (classic brunch food, great brunch cocktails with fresh squeezed juice).

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      The East Cost Grill brunch, which they describe as a Latin brunch, is fabulous, but perhaps not for everyone. Check out the menu here: . ECG would be a great choice for one of your dinners.

    2. I haven't been to Dante in your hotel, but it's gotten mostly good reviews. And you get a view of the river. The Helmand is a short walk away for Afghani food. Blue Room in Kendall Sq. And of course, you can hop over to Boston and a million other places.

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        I was at dante just this past weekend & really enjoyed it...I was with 3 other people & they all really enjoyed their meals. I had a half-portion of pasta to start (gnocchi with duck) and the coffee crusted veal t-bone with wilted pea tendrils and a side of tomatoes & peppers in fontina (the side was the only part that I was not impressed with --too much cheese). DCs had the wild mushroom tart, rabbit ravioli (tasted both --very nice) angel hair with baccala meatballs & the chicken roulade. For desserts between us we had a pear tart with a nice strudel topping, the trio of choclate and the fried dough (I could eat these every day --they were perfectly crisp dough balls with a hot moist center & served with four dipping sauces). We also each a drink (prosecco, martinis), a bottle of valpolicella, after dinner drinks (moscato & some type of raspberry beer) & all told the bill came in around $360 with tip. Not bad for the amount of food & beverages. Oh, & I almost forgot --they start you off with an amuse bouche of arancini with truffled honey --divine. The service was also excellent. Our waiter Terence was very personable & professional as were the food runners & busers.

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          Yum, gnocchi and duck. Pear tart. My brother and I owe each other dinners, maybe one should happen here. Is there a good bar area, easy to eat there? Is it busy or fairly quiet?

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            I had eaten at the bar once before a movie at the Omni --it was pretty hopping around 7pm but not obnoxiously loud. Our dinner last weekend was at 8:15 and was very quiet, although restaurant week may have drawn diners elsewhere.

      2. The Blue Room at 1 Kendall Sq., not too far from your hotel, has a great Sunday brunch w/a large variety of dishes to choose from. Not sure if they still have jazz too. Am attaching menu from mpb, scroll down for brunch offerings:

        1. East Coast Grill is my favorite brunch and the Blue Room is also very good (ask for a table away from the buffet as it gets crowded).

          For dinner- what's your price range and what kind of food and atmosphere are you into?

          1. I second the suggestion of The Helmand -- it's wonderful -- but call quick for reservations if you are interested. It's about a 5 minute walk from the hotel. Here's a link to their web site. http://www.helmandrestaurantcambridge...

            Just a hop across the river is Pierrot Bistro, a classic French bistro we love whenever we go. If it's not too cold you could easily walk across the Longfellow Bridge. You can look at a menu at this link