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Mar 12, 2007 06:36 PM

Brits Visiting DC

Hi, I am a British student, interning in DC for a semester. My family are coming for a 7-day visit in a few weeks time, and I'm trying to plan the best places to go. As an unpaid intern I'm excited about trying some slighty better (read more expensive) places, but at the same time I don't want to go ahead and book the priciest places in the area!
My first question is: they arrive on a Friday afternoon, and are staying in between Farragut North and West in terms of metro stops (they may have a car). We want to go out for dinner somewhere nearby. I don't think that a Friday night is the best time for them to experience Georgetown or Adams Morgan! So I was thinking the Dupont Area, the Penn Quarter or Chinatown are all fairly close. We are all adventurous eaters, but one wont eat sushi, and I don't think we want Italian. Any suggestions?
I've been reading the boards as much as possible to find some good options for me and for them! Thanks everyone.

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  1. Brit, here's what I think. Komi. Hie yourselves to Komi at 17th & P. Make a reservation. Cafe Atlantico, also great, but loud, in Penn Quarter. Like Indian? Inde Blue, down by the Verizon center is excellent - I had a tandoori lamb chop, it was like buttah. Want fun & loud? Zatinya. But truly, take advantage of your folks being in town with their credit cards and go to Komi.

    1. Komi is on the pricier end. They only offer a tasting menu, which is $75ish. So if that's out of price rance, I would suggest Corduroy (near Metro Center and MacPherson Square) or Restaurant Kolumbia (Farragut North). It's also not that far from Central Michel Richard(Federal Triangle or Archives Navy Memorial kind of behind the White House).

      1. I'd second the suggestion of Central Michel Richard--not cheap, but not overly expensive. Poste is good, not horribly expensive, and also not far, right by the Portrait Gallery in Penn Quarter. Cafe Atlantico is fun (though somewhat loud). I also suggest Ten Penh.

        1. First of all, Penn Quarter at night makes Georgetown look like Hay-on-Wye in February, so if you are looking to avoid a mob scene, I would go elsewhere. The Dupont Circle area has Pesce a chalkboard seafood place, and at 19th below M there is Nooshi for pan-asian. Or go north on Connecticut Ave for Lebanese Taverna (Woodley Park) or Nam Viet (Cleveland Park).

          In Georgetown, the excellent Mendocino Grill is not terribly expensive. Though shouldn't everything seem dirt cheap to someone coming from England?

          1. Someone mentioned Ten Penh -- that'd be a great choice. Might also consider Zaytina (Mediterranean tapas), Matchbox (no reservations, loud, but yummy), PS7's, CityZen, Rasika (Indian) and for the experience, Marakesh.