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Mar 12, 2007 06:21 PM

your favorite Tuna Tartare recipe?

Just made myself my idea of the perfect tuna tartare (below). But I've got another 20 oz of Ahi tuna, and would love to try a highly-recommended variation.

What's your favorite way of preparing this classic?

Happy eating,

tuna dice
mayo (very light coating)
sriracha hot sauce
wasabi powder
black sesame seeds
fresh lemon juice

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  1. Try mixing wasabi , soy sauce and alittle sugar into the mayo. Then I add some diced avocado to the tuna. yum!

    1. Tuna, coconut milk, cilantro, jalapeno, lime, fish sauce, maybe a little curry paste, etc....
      also, just read a recipe with truffle oil/paste in it, which sounds great, unfortunately, I can't remember where I read it, maybe try s&p, truffle oil, avocado and something acidic.

      1. My fav, Ahi, LaYu chili oil, soy sauce and a little mayo. Top with a bit of avocado and cucumber slivers.
        On Tahiti, Moorea, etc... tartare is breakfast material and made w/coconut milk and lime. Sim to above idea. Very yummy. You could add very small pieces of lime to add a bit O' zip. :)KQ

        1. raspberry vinegar, orange zest, orange juice and a little olive oil.

          1. I use olive oil, a little sesame oil, very finely chopped ginger, cilantro, a little rice wine vinegar, soy sauce, maybe a little lime, toasted sesame seeds, chopped shallots.