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Chipotle - What's Your Favorite Combo?

I guess I'm not smarter than a fifth grader! I tried to figure out the number of possible combinations at Chipotle's and gave up.

A friend and I are going out to lunch later this week and want to try Chipotle's. I'm wondering what to order. Any specific recommendations?

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  1. I don't usually order chicken anywhere I go, since I feel is bland, but the chicken at Chipotle is really really good, juicy and tasty.

    Usually, I get teh bol (like a burrito but without the tortilla) with chicken, rice, black beans, salsa and lettuce. It's my version of a healthy (or somewhat) meal.

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      I get the chicken bol, too, but without the rice. I like the salsa with the corn.

    2. I have a number of combos I order regularly. If I'm trying to be healthy, but having a craving I get the vegetarian bol with letucce instead of rice, black beans, green salsa and guacamole. #2 combo is burrito bol with rice, pinto beans, pork, green salsa and cheese. I typically mix it back at the office, divide into two and have for lunch two days. I also like to get crunch tacos with pork, lettuce, and green salsa. If I'm feeling the desire not to cut back I'll add sour cream or cheese.

      1. I go whole hog...love the burrito wrap w/ the carnitas, the lime cilantro rice with black beans and the freah tomato salsa....
        The pork in the Carnitas is flavorful and juicy...

        1. i like the soft chicken tacos with the corn salsa and the green salsa. their chips and guacamole are also good.

          1. Bol -- lime cilantro rice with Niman ranch pork, black beans, cheese, sour cream, and guacamole on the side. It is the closest thing I can create to Cuban black-beans-and-rice with pork which is why I don't bother with any of the salsas in this creation. (I'm also not a tremendous fan of their salsas, truth be told).

            1. Carnitas salad, rice, no beans, fresh and corn salsa, cheese, sour cream, guac and a bag of chips on the side. Love in a foil container.

              1. Another vote for the bol - lettuce, black beans, fajita veggies and the spicy salsa. Sometimes, when I'm ordering in, I'll skip the salad part and use large lettuce leaves to scoop up the beans, veggies and salsa.

                1. I love the Carnitas Burrito with pinto beans, rice, fresh tomato salsa, and sour cream. It is great for those late-dinner lunches. I used to get cheese and sour cream, but I could not taste the cheese. The flavor combination of the pork, rice, beans, salsa, and cream is excellent. If the mood strikes, the chips with green salsa are a nice touch.

                  1. Carnitas bowl, black beans, hold the rice, extra guac. Suprisingly healthy.

                    1. I love the Barbacoa Beef (shredded beef). I find the steak and chicken to be way over seasoned. So, my choice is always the Burrito with Barbacoa, no beans, the lime cilantro rice, the tomato salsa, cheese and sour cream. YUM!

                      1. If meat, always carnitas. I have low tolerance for spicy.
                        Used to do hard shell tacos (when i got tired of burros) with sour cream, cheese and lettuce.
                        I've moved onto their bols and salads (meat and vegetarian) with no salsa (seems too watery when mixed with everything else) and always guac.

                        1. Burrito- white rice, steak, black beans, no salsa, sour cream, cheese, and corn

                          1. Burrito Bowl with the steak (They often cook it medium, so I give them Mega point for that!) with Guac and a side of chips... Then use the chips to eat the bowl instead of a spoon. It's so not healthy, but a happy treat for me...


                            1. Burrito. Brown rice. Pintos. Fajita veggies. Steak or barbacoa. Tomatillo salsa. Pico de gallo. Sour cream. Cheese.

                              1. When I'm not up for heading to Queens or 10th Ave., sadly Chipotle fills in. I usually get the vegetarian burrito sans rice, however if hounds could report back on which Manhattan outlets offer the quesarrito, I'd like to try that. That's going to be a lazy, lazy day...


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                                  I tried the quesarrito, but it was then that I also realized Chipotle isn't worth eating from anymore. Oh well.

                                  Still waiting for a Nando's...

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                                    I want chipotle to bring the sofritas tofu to nyc!!! WTF that it's in DC and not here??? I only get chipotle once a month (or less) but i had the sofritas on the west coast and its really good....

                                2. Barbacoa bowl, white rice, pinto beans (is bacon okay? Why, yes, it is!), mild, medium, and corn salsa, sour cream, cheese, and a bit of lettuce. It doesn't matter how often I have it - that is a happy meal for me.

                                  1. Barbacoa bowl, 1/2 order of cilantro lime rice, fajita vege's, black beans, corn salsa, Tomatillo-Green Chili salsa, double cilantro and a few lime wedges.

                                    1. I always get it to go (its a block from my apt) and get the bol with the tortilla on the side. Black beans, no rice, extra fajita veggies, corn salsa, tomatillo salsa, no dairy, guacamole.
                                      At home i dump it into a bowl with more lettuce and mix everything together. I save the tortilla side to make a mini burrito with my leftovers for lunch the next day- so i end up with two meals! :))

                                      1. If I'm in Charlottesville, VA I get the carnitas because they use Polyface Farms pork and cook it in house. Otherwise I get steak. Either way, it's a buritto with white rice, no beans, pico de gallo, hot salsa, cheese and sour cream.

                                        1. Very easy...Carnitas Burrito bowl with white rice, pinto beans, mild pico and lettuce... topped off with the green chile sauce...

                                          Great diet meal if the >500 calorie numbers from the chain are believed.