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Mar 12, 2007 05:25 PM

Good Vegan Restaurants?

I've got a friend coming in from Seattle next week and she's vegan. I'm not vegan(not even vegetarian) so I don't really know of any vegan restaurants. Can someone recommend any good ones in the Santa Monica/Culver City/ West L.A. area? All recommendations will be appreciated :)

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  1. There's a Real Food Daily in Santa Monica, on Santa Monica & 5th. There is also one with wine in West Hollywood. It's totally vegan, and even though I'm not vegetarian either, I eat there/pick up 2-3 times a week. A lot of people on the board don't get it, but I love it.

    1. govindas in the hari krisna temple on vernice blvd. is awesome

      1. leaf cuisine is an all vegan/raw place that's pretty good and inexpensive. i've only been to the sherman oaks and west hollywood ones (i love the sherman oaks one but i wasn't too keen on the w. hollywood one) but there's also one on 11938 West Washington Blvd.

        1. All of these are vegan, or offer good vegan options as well as non...

          Mao's Kitchen in Venice can do vegan and/or vegetarian on most of their dishes

          Newsroom Cafe has vegan options (montana or robertson location)

          California Vegan on Santa Monica near Bundy

          A Votre Sante on San Vicente has options

          Annapurna in Culver City

          Tender Greens

          Gaby's Mediterranean in the marina

          Chandni on Wilshire

          Juliano's Raw

          Toi on Wilshire

          Katmandu Kitchen

          Native Foods

          All the Ethiopian places on Fairfax will generally accomodate vegan needs

          Check out and scroll down to Los Angeles restaurant listings... reviews and all... great link for this query...

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            one of the ethiopian restaurants on fairfax is entirely vegan: rahel. not only that, they serve great food and their injera is simply the best--has more of the teff flavor than any other.

            for thai food ,thai boom will accomodate vegan eaters, as will ayara thai cuisine.

            in hermosa beach, THE SPOT, is a vegetarian restaurant that serves many vegan dishes.

            for persian, SHAMSHIRI grill has a whole portion of their menu devoted to vegetarian dishes --you would need to call them, though, to find out which ones are vegan.

            for indian food, SAMOSA HOUSE has many vegan options, but be aware, that they serve on a styrofoam tray--dunno if you want a better 'dining experience' for an out of towner. this is offset, imho by their WONDERFUL food.

          2. Check the "archives" - lots of suggestions. I would definitely, definitely take your friend to Real Food Daily and Native Foods, maybe M. Café de Chaya, and at least one of the vegetarian Chinese places in the SGV (I posted a list at


            I'm also a big fan of Paru's (South Indian veg, w/ plenty of vegan options).

            Check this recent thread for some more suggestions:

            There are plenty of threads about high end places with vegan options... Grace, Mélisse, La Cachette come to mind off the top of my head.

            If you end up needing late night vegan chow, Fred 62 or Brite Spot are probably your best options, or maybe Astro Burger. None of them have amazing food, but if you're hungry.... Toi Thai is also open late (the one on Sunset til 4 on weekends).