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Mar 12, 2007 05:24 PM

Best Mexican Raleigh/Durham Area??

Flying in to town Thursday and was hoping to get some good Mexican? And what would be the best place to celebrate St.Pattys?


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  1. Jibarra in Raleigh, is awesome really upscale mexican cuisine, with a beautiful bar, and very hip decor! A must!!

    1. I'd say Jim Leff's review pretty much nailed it:

      (Start about half way down.)

      1. I've been to Jibarra once and Taqueria El Paraiso at least 6 times. Both are great on their own merits. My gut tells me that someone flying into town would be better off at Jibarra.

        1. yeah, i was gonna ask-- are you looking for a great taqueria or a fine dining resto? jibarra fits the latter admirably, but if you're looking for authentic food of the type that the local mexican population generally eats, there are a ton of great taquerias in the area. some personal faves include super taqueria and los comales, both on n. roxboro in durham, and the aforementioned paraiso.

          1. Taqueria Lopez in Durham hadn't yet opened when Jim Leff came through, but I'd put it up there with Los Comales and Paraiso.