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Condiments for Cheese

I'm looking for more ideas for cheese condiments. My present routine includes: honey, orange marmalade, pepper jam, tomato jam and mostarda di cremona.


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  1. I enjoy port wine jelly Mmmm

    1. quince paste, fig preserves

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        yes, quince paste or even apricot jam/preserves go very well with Manchego.

      2. Olive tapenade or roasted red pepper puree for something savory rather than sweet.

        1. Try saba, a cooked grape must syrup from Italy. Or a sweetened balsamic reduction. Also try making your own mostardas with dried (raisins, currants, cherries, apricots, figs) or fresh (pears this time of year) fruit.

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              You beat me to it! A nice sharp English Cheddar, a hunk of French bread, some Branston pickle...mmmmmmm!

            2. slices of fresh peeled and cut asian pears and fuji apples.

              1. any of the dried berries, cranberry, raisens,cherries, nuts,

                1. I found a delicious prune "cake" (mostly just pressed prunes) at Murray's Cheese that was delicious with goat cheeses - sadly, they've not carried it since.

                  1. a nice slice of good cheddar dipped in honey mustard

                    1. onion marmelade, or if it's cheddar then really sharp pickled onions!

                      1. someone above mentioned quince pastes... any sort of fruit paste is going to be a great foil for cheese. 34 Degrees makes a variety of flavors (pear, plum, fig, quince, apricot and spiced cherry) that all have pairing suggestions on the label. They're available at Whole Foods and some Wild Oats. I'm also really partial to latino guava pastes.

                        1. I made a compote of prunes, dried cranberries, and dried apricots that was really tasty. I added a vanilla bean and cinnamon too. I was trying to replicate something we had at one of our favorite restaurants, but mine was slightly too sweet- easy to change though.

                            1. one of our favorite pairings is Quebec 8yr cheddar (any sharp cheddar will do) with red onion confit from Girl & the Fig...awesome!

                                1. pesto
                                  cranberry sauce
                                  bitter orange marmalade

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                                      I just had some with goatsmilk gouda!

                                  1. I like apples and a grainy mustard with cheese.

                                    1. Good Crusty Bread (from Con Pane Bakery) and Fig Jam (from Whole Foods)

                                      1. A drop or two of good balsamic vinegar on a slice of Swiss cheese.

                                        1. Fresh herbs!

                                          We chopped & pressed fresh lavendar, rosemary, lemon basil, tarragon and thyme into semi soft cheese and served with sliced lemons, pear, tangerine and ruby grapes.

                                          1. It really does depend on what kind of Cheese you are serving. I usually serve a Classic French Cheese Plate and would use fruit like beautiful Grapes only for decoration. The French NEVER eat Fruit with their Cheese. I serve a Pain aux Noix or Hazelnut Bread sliced very very thin, some plain crackers.

                                            If I am doing a Provencale or Nicoise dinner, the Cheese will be reflective of that region. I take an 8 ounce fresh Chevre, I use Petit Billy, and cover it all over in Herbes de Provence, wrap it in cheesecloth, then in Cheese paper for 2 - 3 days. I like to place it on a platter, cut out a slice, and drizzle some EVOO from the South of France over it. serve with a simply dressed sald of Mesclun. Or take the Petit Billy, and drizzle it with Lavender Honey and sprinkle with a tiny bit of Dried Lavender for color.

                                            1. This weekend I had a crusty doblado bread spread with marinated chevre and a Moraccan tomato confit. Terrific

                                              1. I like to take brie and spread colemans hot mustard on a slice.

                                                1. Ahhh, glad to see Branston pickle up there with cheddar. Add to that Mae Ploy Sweet Chili sauce with cheddar and cream cheeses. Amazing!

                                                  1. When I can't get quince paste, I've subbed in guava paste. Comes in a round flat tin. Goya makes a good one.

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                                                    1. Ok, some people may find this disgusting- but peanut butter. It just works for me.