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Mar 12, 2007 05:13 PM

Fiamma vs Bartolotta di Mare (Las Vegas)

Still plotting out our Las Vegas trip...

Thought we'd try to take in an Italian meal while we were there as Italian is one of our favorites. Still haven't found a knock your socks off place we like there but are willing to keep trying. Probably the best we've tried yet has been Caneletto(What the heck happened with Valentino's?? Way back when in Los Angeles we used to visit the one in Santa Monica regularly and it was always good)

Am thinking about these two...I"ve read a few reviews here that compare Fiamma with Delmonico's...we're not big steak eaters at that the real attraction there? Do love seafood so am leaning towards Bartolotta di Mare for that reason(and just upping the budget for that night at the Wynn with the show)...but could be convinced on Fiamma if the pasta and non-steak entrees are worth trying.

Got a favorite if you've tried both of these? Or another favorite?

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  1. Fiamma only offers one or two beef entrees...most of the menu is pasta w/ a selection of poultry, seafood, veal and beef.....
    You won't be disappointed....the pastas are wonderful!

    1. You're right about Delmonico's - it's a steak house. Bartolotta is indeed excellent. I haven't eaten at Fiamma.

      1. Bartolotta's has a emphasis on fish and shellfish so if that is not your thing then you may want to go a different way. Fiamma would not be my choice...what about Rao's that just opened in the Caesar's Forum?? I have not eaten there but I have had very positive feedback on it.