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Mar 12, 2007 05:07 PM

Anyone else starting to do some Passover planning?

I'm holding the second seder at my house in a few weeks so naturally I've begun to think of what to make. In the past I've made brisket (lots and lots of time); Joyce Goldstein's apricot chicken; herbed cornish game hens; stuffed breast of veal; and turkey. I'd like to make something different but I've run out of ideas I'm afraid. Many people won't eat veal or I'd make a veal roast. Ditto for lamb. I could do a standing rib roast but I'm afraid of cooking it and then holding it for too long. I usually have between 18-22 people. Any good suggestions? If you're having a seder what are you making? What has 'worked' in the past?

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  1. I've already planning first night 20 people. Everytime I try something my family (and extended) keep asking for the old tried and true. So for us it will be gefilte fish, chicken soup with matzoh balls, turkey and brisket ,salmon croquettes, mini potato knishes, mushroom and onion farfel, broccoli souffle and veggie kugel. I am going to try a flourless chocolate torte for dessert (last year I found Kosher for Passover ladyfingers and made a strawberry tiramisu). Good luck, have fun and have a wonderful Passover.

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      please, can you share your broccoli souffle recipe? I've got the meat, fish, soup down, but I'd like to see some green vegetable on my seder table!

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        I do blanched asparagus with a vinaigrette. It can be made the night before and just brought to room temp before serving.

    2. Our family does the same every year. We all collect at my Aunt and Uncle's who make matzo balls a week in advance, freeze and defrost for soup. I think my Aunt may even measure each ball 'cuz they all seem the same.... Oh and 1 small carrot for color! Ok, so since their food is small brain, I ALWAYS volunteer to contribute. And, it always becomes a few things, enough for me to have a meal to accompany the only staple that works, roasted chicken. This year I thought I'd make a vege lasagna - no pasta, of course. I love Zergut's roasted red peppers and roasted eggplant. I use those two and accompany w/ sliced zucchini, mushrooms, artichoke hearts and sometimes sliced onions. I layer with pasta sauce and various cheeses. Then bake. YUMMO! Make w/garlicy alfredo, pesto and or red sauce or any combo. You'll love it and it's non-tradtional, fresh and uplifting. Then I always bring some kind of salad. This year maybe greens w/blue cheese, candied walnuts and a zingy vinegarette. Dessert, I make chocolate dipped strawberries. Always very popular. This year I'll add marscapone for dipping and maybe chocolate covered matzo sammys w/almond paste in the middle. :)KQ

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        I am guessing that you don't observe kosher style even at passover since you are mixing cheese dishes with roasted chicken dishes.

        we are making a veggie lasagne this year for ourselves and some of our customers as well - my son has gone vegetarian so we are having a dairy and fish seder this year.
        here's the menu

        appetizers besides harosetz,

        Med Rim Olive & Artichoke Tapenade
        surrounded by fancy cut carrot petals

        …Sassy Sephardic Salmon
        – filet of salmon seared in a Med Rim spice rub,
        nestled in a bed of caramelized onions and carrots
        and finished with a honey-lemon reduction sauce

        …Vegetarian Alternative:
        Gruyere Mushroom Lasagne
        Yellow & Green Zucchini “Noodles”
        layered with fresh spinach, gruyere cheese sauce,
        caramelized onions & mushrooms

        …Med Rim Spinach Salad
        baby spinach leaves, chiffonade of fresh basil
        and watercress with marinated artichokes,
        teardrop cherry tomatoes
        & fresh marinated mozzarella
        tossed with a citrus white balsamic vinaigrette

        …Thai Inspired Broccoli Salad Fresh Broccoli
        with Sweet & Tangy Apple Cider Vinaigrette,
        Colorful Bell Peppers & Roasted Cashews (not spicy)

        …Southwestern Sweet Potato Anna
        - slices of sweet potato cooked in a chipotle pepper
        enhanced cream sauce

        dessert for the clients will be chocolate and caramel dipping pond with an array of homemade macaroons and meringues along with fresh fruit - had fun testing out recipes all month and finally settled on 4 varieties

        for the family we will just have the homemade cookies and maybe
        I will have the time to make my infamous triple chocolate threat flourless mousse cake but somehow I doubt it...

      2. Berna -- Could you share your mushroom/onion/farfel kugel recipe. I lost mine and haven't found another good one yet. Thanks!

        1. What about a beef tenderloin? Takes under an hour to roast, then can easily sit at room temperature until you're ready to serve. Slice and serve with a variety of hot sauces.

          1. I have a feeling that a beef tenderloin is not a kosher cut....from the rear end of the animal? Or am I wrong??