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Mar 12, 2007 05:05 PM

STL rehearsal dinner

I'm trying to plan a rehearsal dinner in late fall for about 50-60 people. We are staying at the Hampton Inn downtown on Washington Ave. A place within walking distance would be ideal but am open to suggestions. Have looked at postings but can't see any for larger parties. I don't want anything too expensive, just a great place to meet people and have a delicious dinner. Help---I am doing this all long distance!

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  1. What about the City is about 12 blocks away from the Hampton Inn, but you will have an unforgettable rehearsal dinner...

    1. Dang, one of the best rehearsal dinner meals of my life was at one of the old family owned Italian joints on the hill. I think it was called Rigazzi's. We are a family more interested in fun than charm and this place featured lots of good pasta, fried ravioli, big schooners of icy cold beer, etc. Might not be the fairy tale kind of place most people are looking for but I still have fond memories of the night (and, um, it was a night with my in-laws, so...) \

      1. How about the Tap Room a/k/a the Schlafly Brewery?

        good luck, p.j.

        1. Other suggestions: Hannegan's on Laclede's Landing. This is an exact replica of the US Senate Dining Room. The Landing has lots of places for people to go have a drink after the dinner.

          Also, Lucas Park Grill has a back room - it may seat 60, and it would appeal to people who like young and trendy.