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Mar 12, 2007 05:01 PM

Northern Indiana Amish Restaurants

I am driving to Chicago from Greensboro, NC next week. Are there any good amish food restaurants in Northern, IN? I will be driving I-80 and will be spending the night. I understand that their are a number of Amish communities in the area, but I am not familiar with the area between the Ohio border and Elkhart. Thanks for your assistance.

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  1. Well there is the Dutchman Essenhaus in Middlebury.Take the Middlebury exit off the tollway south through Middlebury to 20.Turn right one mile for restaurant.You can have the all you can eat or the off the menu.The food is well prepared and there is plenty of it.I'd love to try some of the smaller restaurants in the area I am sure there are many however I always seem to end up at the Essenhaus.I did try the Blue Gate I think it is in Shipshewana and did not think it was as good as the Essenhaus.

    1. You'll find a lot more Amish restaurants in the part of your trip driving through Ohio. See these topics for tips:

      However... FWIW, I drive that route a lot. The shortest, fastest route from Greensboro to Chicago - one you won't find recommended by mapping software - is I-40/US-52/I-77 to Charleston WV, I-64 to Exit 172 (at Grayson KY) to get onto Highway AA, take that straight to Cincinnati, and then to Indianapolis and Chicago. It's almost a hundred miles shorter than taking I-80, and eliminates the toll roads in Ohio and Indiana. Of course, that takes you away from the Amish places in eastern Ohio, but there are lots of previous topics here with dining suggestions for Cincinnati and Indianapolis. For upscale dining in Indy, I find myself referring to these topics a lot: