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Mar 12, 2007 04:59 PM

Atlanta possibilities

As a Texan who may be relocating to the Atlanta area in the next few months, I'm hoping to learn a little bit about what to expect. First, I'm wondering if there is any chance of finding a decent Tex-Mex place. I understand there are good taquerias around, but what about Tex-Mex? Also, any thoughts on real-deal Vietnamese?

I'd also be open to recommendations for just about any type of food around Emory, other than chains.


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  1. not sure about real tex-mex but NAM in midtown should be a good bet for vietnamese.

    1. Nuevo Laredo would give you a tex-mex fill I believe.

      1. dont know much about tex mex. heard good things about the food at nuevo laredo -- but also heard the prices are a bit high for the quality...

        some easy and obvious choices:

        Veitnamese: da loi is widely considered one of the better pho houses in ATL -- and there are 2 - one [kinda] near the airport on jonesboro and one up buford hwy.

        Near Emory? -- many choices from decent to top notch, a good place to start your search is Decatur Square [discussed often here and on]. on the other side of Emory a little gem called floataway cafe lurks down Zonolite road.

        1. I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but the answer to your question is no.

          I'm from California, my wife is originally from Texas, and we moved to Atlanta last July. We have struck out every time we've gone looking for the kind of Mexican food we're accustomed to. Our theory is that perhaps the Mexican immigrants in Atlanta come from a different part of Mexico. Whatever the reason, prepare to be very disappointed.

          I think we've been to 8 or 9 places so far, and none of them have matched up to what I would expect at an average California or Texas Mexican restaurant. There's this weird kind of white cheese that a lot of places use, which tastes funky. Some places drench everything in tomato sauce. Some places don't give you free chips & salsa, and at the places where they do, the chips often have a weird, chalky aftertaste. And then there's plenty of places like Raging Burrito, where their idea of a "burrito" has pineapple, cajun seasoning, or thai peanut sauce.

          It's sad, but the most reliable Mexican food I've been able to find in Atlanta is at Chipotle.

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            I could not DISAGREE with you more. My husband and I have just moved to Dallas and I think the Tex Mex here is LACKING! I loved Taqueria Del Sol, Nuevo Laredo and there are web pages dedicated to that white cheese. If I had the extra $$ I would consider opening a Willy's in DFW.

            I do agree with you on the Raging Buritto.

          2. I just remembered my favorite place Taqueria Los Hermanos in Tucker. It is very good! Please try it.
            Chipotle is not good.