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Mar 12, 2007 04:48 PM

Breweries in Portland?

I am meeting friends in Portland this weekend and we want to taste some local beer on St. Patty's Day. We are hoping to use the famous public transpo to get around. We are staying at the Jupiter hotel. Do you have any suggestions for brewpubs/breweries/good bars in central Portland that we should try to hit?

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  1. Having been a visitor to that fair city a number of times I can come up with at least three recs right off the bat:

    #1- if it's for St. Patty's Day, you gotta go to Kell's. I'd make it a 'must', except I don't know how the crowds are over there on that day.

    Also- the Horse Brass Pub and Lucky Labrador are among my own personal destination spots. Hopefully some locals will chime in with more details, but those three will set you up for a fine afternoon/evening.

    1. Unfortunately the brewpubs in town don't seem to be laid out for easy access by public transportation. If you want to go one place with a wide selection of beers, my husband really likes Concordia Ale House on NE 33rd and Killingsworth. If you wanted to cab it out there and stay in the area, you could start off at Kennedy School about a block north of Killingsworth on 33rd just to experience the McMenamin's empire. Then walk down to CAH and sample some of the 20 beers on tap. I'm not sure of the food there, but you could walk to Autentica at NE 30th just off Killingsworth for good Mexican food. Finally, if you need to sober up you could get an espresso at Extracto around the corner.

      1. Roots Organic is very bus-friendly. Easy access via the 10 or 14.

        1. Jupiter Hotel is on Burnside, an easy street to catch a bus from. Take a bus west, across the Burnside Bridge, till about 12th street. From there, you can head north on foot, checking out numerous bars and restaurants in the Pearl. Start at Henry's, just for their sheer volume (100 beers on tap). Then head about 12 blocks north and go to Bridgeport Brewery at 1318 NW Northrup (an easy walk if weather cooperates).

          As TongoRad considered, Kell's is horribly crowded on St. Paddy's day. It's almost unbearable, so unless you're in the mood for a crazy circus-like environment, $20 cover charges and loooong lines for drinks, I'd skip it and check it out another day.


          1. ok, this is not in the city central but try Amnesia in north Portland off Mississippi. Tasty brews and a huge area inside and outside.