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Mar 12, 2007 04:34 PM

we'll be going to New Orleans in a month

I've have great bbq shrimp at Pasquale's Manale in the past--is it still good, or would we be better off going to Mr. B's?

1980 we went to Bon Ton Cafe on Mrs. Junious Underwood's recommendation(anyone remember her?)--still recommended? The bread pudding was awesome; I've used the recipe many times.

The people going with me don't want to spend a lot, so any places you can come with that are not too expensive would be great. Is the Praline Connection still good? What about places along Frenchman's street?

--lunch at Galatoire's?

I'd be interested in ANY recommendations!


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  1. Mr. B's is still not open. I think you'll find Pascal's to be the same.

    1. I love Mother's (on Poydras St.). And also have to do a Muffelatta at Centra Grocer.

      Dont' like to miss Bon Ton's, still very good.

      Best Roast Beef po boy in the garden district at an irish pub - Parasol's.

      Acme Oysters in French quarter a must too.

      1. Galatoire's..........don't miss it..............

        1. If you're going in a month, Dooky Chase will be open! I would highly recommend that, and the prices are very reasonable. You'll have to take a cab over to Orleans Street, but for me, it's a not-to-be-missed place. Leah's supposed to be up and running for her Gumbo 'Zherbes feast on Holy Thursday. Sure wish I could be there for that!