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Mar 12, 2007 04:22 PM

African food(not Ethopiean or Moroccan)??

Can anyone rec some african food places in LA, that arent ethopiean or moroccan?? I've heard someone mention african barbeque before??

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  1. Ngoma on Wilshire has different parts of the menu for South, East and West Africa.

    1. recent post found by searching for Nkechi -friends had gone, (said food good, but not notable or necessarily worth a trip if not in the area).

      1. I highly recommend Ngoma. The stews are simple comfort food with wonderfully mild spices and the meat falling off the bone. The ambiance is warm and light and relaxing. The wait staff are very friendly. If you want a satisfying happy dining experience, Ngoma is a great choice.

        1. Is Lagos Cafe still in business? And are there any Senegalese places out here?

          DC was a gold mine for this sort of thing...

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            I'm also looking for a Senegalese restaurant. I have great memories of my Peace Corps days when our Senegalese chef would make Poulet Yassa (orangy, oniony, spicy chicken to die for). ANY chance I can get some here in LA?

            1. re: FIDO

              So you're looking for a Senegalese Chef in L.A.?

              Then Bistro 4040 is your spot:


          2. Springbok bar and grill..
            16153 Victory Blvd
            Van Nuys, CA
            Phone: (818) 988-9786