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African food(not Ethopiean or Moroccan)??

Can anyone rec some african food places in LA, that arent ethopiean or moroccan?? I've heard someone mention african barbeque before??

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  1. Ngoma on Wilshire has different parts of the menu for South, East and West Africa. http://www.ngomarestaurant.com/pages/...

    1. http://www.chowhound.com/topics/77840 recent post found by searching for Nkechi -friends had gone, (said food good, but not notable or necessarily worth a trip if not in the area).

      1. I highly recommend Ngoma. The stews are simple comfort food with wonderfully mild spices and the meat falling off the bone. The ambiance is warm and light and relaxing. The wait staff are very friendly. If you want a satisfying happy dining experience, Ngoma is a great choice.

        1. Is Lagos Cafe still in business? And are there any Senegalese places out here?

          DC was a gold mine for this sort of thing...

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            I'm also looking for a Senegalese restaurant. I have great memories of my Peace Corps days when our Senegalese chef would make Poulet Yassa (orangy, oniony, spicy chicken to die for). ANY chance I can get some here in LA?

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              So you're looking for a Senegalese Chef in L.A.?

              Then Bistro 4040 is your spot:


          2. Springbok bar and grill..
            16153 Victory Blvd
            Van Nuys, CA
            Phone: (818) 988-9786


            1. This thread could use some freshening up.

              Ngoma, Nana and Naa, Saari's, Bistro 4040, are all closed.

              Of the remaining restaurants that I could find, Lagos, Nkechi and Veronica's Kitchen, what's the scoop? Any that I'm missing?

              Mr Taster

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                Toto's Nigerian is on Sherman Way in Van Nuys but I have not yet tried the food.

              2. Banadir has Somalian food. I really like Somalian. I usually get the goat with rice. The rice is nicely spiced with cardamom and clove and tastes great with the goat, raisins and hot chillies. Make sure to get the green hot chili sauce with it. They give you a banana and a bottle of water with your takeout order. This used to make me laugh until I found out you're supposed to cut up the banana and eat it in the rice. Never tried that.

                Veronica's kitchen has the best jollof rice but Nketchi has the best meats. They're both about equal but I remember going to Veronica's more. Not sure if that was just because of the food or the hours or what though.

                Unfortunately for OC'ers, the best (by far) African place and one of my favorite places in general, Gendershe, closed last month. It was a great Somalian place. RIP

                All the African places give you tons of food.

                You guys seriously don't eat African food??

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                  We like Simon's Cafe http://www.simonscafe.com/ in Sherman Oaks for Moroccan food.

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                    What is it that you like there?
                    While living in Sherman Oaks forever, give or take, I have never found a motivation to go there for dinner, even though hearing good things about it all the time, not that the location is all that convenient, but....

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                      I really like the lamb tangine and the pastilla.

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                    >> You guys seriously don't eat African food??

                    Why would you ask this? That's why we're talking about it.

                    Mr Taster

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                      Gendershe did close, unfortunately. There's a Kenyan restaurant next to Tana Ethiopian on La Palma and Magnolia in Anaheim.

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                        Banadir is very good but basic -only about five items in the menu. We had the goat and fish, liked both.