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Westport dining

I've posted a couple of times about Westport restaurants, namely the Dressing Room and Zest to hear what others have to say about them. On both counts I got zero responses. Has anyone eaten at these places? Am I doing something wrong in my posts? Just wondering...!!

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  1. You are not doing anything wrong. I have not been to either of those restaurants, but have recently started working in Wesport 3 days a week and will have lots of opportunites to eat there. I too would love to hear some suggestions for the area. The only place I've been to so far is Matsu Sushi.

    What are some other Westport restaurants you've been to?

    1. I've lived in Westport forever and I've always been amazed at the lack of good restaurants. Acqua is pretty good, but so loud that it's uncomfortable...we like going for lunch there instead. Matsu Sushi is good sushi, although their apps are a little boring. Sakura has good apps, but the sushi isn't as good as Matsu. Paci in Southport is very good Italian, but I don't understand why they don't change their menu that much. It's rare that you see something new on it, and we've been going there for 10 years, so you have to be in the right mood to go. Beyond that, there just isn't anyplace that I think is worth going to...mostly mediocre...I'd rather trek down to South Norwalk and have fun and variety!

      1. westfair for seafood....... yummmmmm. a very casual place, btw...

        1. I have heard mixed reviews regarding the Dressing Room. Hope to try it soon.

          1. Is Taipan not around anymore--I recall enjoying several meals there years ago. I dont bother going that far north anymore--just for dining--simply not worth the trip.

            1. Taipan is still around...it's decent, but not worth a special trip. Same owners (and very similar menu) to Little Kitchen, which is right across the street. We went to Splash the other night, sister of Baang...it was good, but they changed their menu a bit and took off one of my favorites. But it is worth going there for the crackling calamari salad alone!

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                I'm also very interested in hearing more about Dressing Room.

              2. I posted about a week ago in detail about our Dressing Room experience, but no one responded, so I figured it wasn't high on anyone's list! We didn't love it, but definitely want to go back and give it another try. I haven't spoken to anyone who's loved it either. Anyone else been there?

                1. Just moved to the Gold Coast area from NYC and tonight I found myself @ Zest for a glass of wine and pumpkin soup w/ truffle oil (off the specials menu) - I've read some mixed reviews of the place on here, but I loved it! Menu looked great (we were only there for a glass of wine - but after seeing the menu we were compelled to try an appetizer), place was very nicely decorated and had a "hip" vibe I'm used to from New York... service was great - now, we didn't have a full dinner and were there at an off-peak time, so don't take my review as gospel, but I liked it enough to head back some time for dinner.

                  1. I have not been to the Dressing Room, yet. Mostly, what I've heard is that it's terribly overpriced for what you get. I understand that most everything on the menu is organic, sustaining or free range. Nothing is said to be extraordinary, so I am not likely to dine there anytime soon. Besides, a Paul Newman sighting in Westport is a common occurance. He's a regular guy, just like anybody else.
                    As for Zest...I have been there. I went awhile ago, but I remember liking it very much. From the atmosphere, to the wine, to the appetizers and entrees...it was all delicious. I do remember ordering Pietro's famous meatballs, and they were really huge and really good. Service was excellent and the prices...although not cheap...reasonable for Fairfield County.
                    I would absolutely go back to Zest. I don't dine out THAT much, so I tend to try and find places that are worth spending my dollars. I would highly recommend Zest, and perhaps consider the Dressing Room. If for no other reason than to see for yourself what all the talk is about.

                    1. I recently went to Meigas (I know, it's not Westport, but really close) for lunch. We ordered 6 tapas and 5 of the 6 were terrific. Worth a try.

                      1. I haven't tried the Dressing Room or Zest, but I've found Westport to be fairly lacking in good food. Definitely Westfair for low key fish and chips. Tengda is usually good (don't park on the side street thought, that's a parking ticket trap). Conte's fish market is decent too. Besides those, nothing really stands out. Everything on Main Street is overpriced and terrible. Do yourself a favor and take a quick trip down to Sono. Too bad Relish isn't around anymore, but the choices of quality places there are still the best in the area.

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                          We do go down to Sono all the time. We love Match, Wasabi Chi and Barcelona. Now that the chef from Relish is at Napa in Stamford we go there a lot as well. I was just wondering what others experiences at the Dressing Room and Zest were.