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Mar 12, 2007 04:11 PM

Who has Ajiaco?

Pa-in-law made this when he was visiting us in Nashville one year, and dirtied practically every pot and utensil I had, but it was sure good (and fed about fifteen people!). Then he called up two weeks or so ago and said he'd learned that La Maria in NoHo sometimes has it on Mondays, but you have to call and ask. It's been two Mondays now and no ajiaco, and I'm wondering if there might be another Colombian place in the LA area that might have this.

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  1. I believe La Fonda has it.

    LA Fonda Antioquena
    4903 Melrose Ave
    (323) 957-5164

    1. El Cafe Colombia in Burbank...i haven't had it, but love their bean soup.

      1. Cafe Colombia in Burbank has it. Mark Bittman's cookbook The Best Recipes in the World has a very simple and authentic version you can make easily, too