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Where is L.A.'s best Key Lime Pie?

I've got a craving! Preferably somewhere close to West Hollywood, but if it's worth venturing farther from home, I want to know about it as well.

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  1. The only key lime pie that I've had was from Houstons (Santa Monica) and Nichols (Marina del Rey). Both were excellent.

    1. I have a good buddy who's from Florida and is seriously into food; he swears by Susuina's version: http://www.susinabakery.com/ .

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        Morton's has a pretty serious Key Lime Pie.

      2. Nook has a fantastic key lime tart!

        1. The yuzu meringue tart with fruit and mago sorbet at Mako in Beverly Hills

          1. You can get an awesome one at Mastro's, or a less dependable but still crave-satisfying one at CPK.

            1. The Nook one was good, but the best I had was at King's Fish House in Long Beach. Awesome!

              1. CLEMINTINE has a very good Key Lime pie. I haven't done enough research to say it is the best I have had in LA, but I referred a fellow key lime fan to this pie and he was pretty happy. Call ahead to be sure that they have it.


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                  I second Clementine - by the slice, pie for two (IMHO for one at least for me), and a whole pie are usually available...

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                    I second the rec for Kings Fish House...one of my favorite deserts and this is the BEST!! We had it at the one in Rancho Cucamonga (Victoria Gardens).....amazing Key Lime pie!!!

                2. The Ivy. I think the whole pie is $45 or so.

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                    It's been a long time, but I recall the Ivy's version as being very good. Don't know if it's outsourced or not.