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Mar 12, 2007 03:58 PM

Charleston: gift cert. @ 82 Queen. Help!

Got free honeymoon food coming to us at 82 Queen. Seems to have a sketchy, touristy reputation around Chowhound.

Besides drinking ourselves silly, what's a sure bet at this place?

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  1. I haven't visited in awhile, but their she-crab soup was always quite good. That and the complimentary cheese biscuits make a nice light lunch by themselves. Once you get into their entrees, things get dicier. I remember their shrimp and grits being decent, though non-traditional and on the sweet side, thanks to the barbecue sauce they use on the shrimp.

    1. I haven't been in ages, but the black-eyed pea cakes used to be good.

      1. It's not the best place in Chas. but it certainly isn't bad. One of the great things about Chas. food ist that it is so distinctive and I think that's where 82 Queen and the chowhounds diverge. It's a pretty good restaurant but it could be a pretty good restaurant in any city that you go to. I certainly wouldn't turn down a free meal there.

        1. The crabcakes used to be excellent (but, like all the others, it has been a while since we have been there).

          1. It's been a while, but the food was good, not fantastic, but it didn't distract me from having a good time. I remember the shrimp and grits being good. You're going to be tourists - just roll with it! The bloody mary was excellent the time I went, but that will probably depend on the bartender. While I'm a chowhound of sorts, i believe the best dining experiences aren't always about expecting everything you order to be mindbendingly fantastic. A nice atmosphere, good company, an open mind and food that isn't totally overpriced and undergood, not to mention a beverage in my hand within ten minutes of sitting down and I'm happy. Have a good time on your honeymoon!