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Mar 12, 2007 03:31 PM

Muffulettas to go?

I'll be staying overnight early next month, and would like to pick up a muffuletta (or two) before I drive out. But I'll be leaving Sunday morning. I thought that Central Grocery is closed on Sunday AM. Is there another place that's good? I'll be staying near Canal and St Charles. Or I could pick one up Saturday evening and stash it in the hotel fridge.

Also -- I'm looking forward to a solo dinner on Saturday, and after CH research (thanks folks!) I've settled on Herbsaint. Do they have a bar area where solo diners can eat comfortably? Thanks.

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  1. I do not know the lay of the land since Katrina, but I would recommend picking up the Central Grocery muffuleta the night before and storing it. That gives the juice from the olive salad even more time to soak into the bread. I envy you.

    1. Herbsaint has a couple two tops in the bar right next to the windows. Perfect for one and great people watching.

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      1. re: Tonto

        It also has a couple of two tops just beyond the hostess podium also fine for one. You can watch everyone go in and out.

      2. Central grocery is (currently) only open M-F 9-5.

        On my way back home (yesterday morning) I picked up one for "lunch" on the plane. It travels well, albeit it gets a little messy with the olive salad, but doable. Oh, and everyone on the plane will be watching you (as they will be able to smell it for rows in either direction) so be forewarned. :-)

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          thanks for the update on CG's hours. I'm hoping that Luigi's is open late Saturday afternoons!

          And I'll be driving out of NO on Sunday AM to Houston -- Porshce Boxster, top-down... :-)

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            I had my Central Grocery lunch on the plane yesterday too! I did feel kind of bad because the guy next to me started salivating, so I put it away and ate the rest when I got home for dinner.

            1. re: baconjen

              Answer me this... did your Muff have swiss on it? As we were munching away on ours this Wednesday, I was thinking, "This doesn't taste like Provolone or Mozzerella..."

              Sure enough, it was swiss. WTF? Who puts swiss on an Italian sandwich?

              Then again, what's an Irishman named Tony Moran doing owning an Italian Restaurant in the Quarter... oh well.

              1. re: gm_smith

                That olive spread was so good I barely noticed the cheese, but I think you are right. No complaints though. I was especially happy that the bread was hearty enough to survive the whole way home without getting too mushy from all the yummy, but greasy, olive spread on it.

                1. re: baconjen

                  OP here -- thanks for all the suggestions. I'm sold on going by Luigi's to get a couple of muffAlettas to go in a few weeks. My question now is on Luigi's hours. Does anyone know how late they're open on Saturday afternoons? I may not be there until 6ish. The phone # I get when googling is no longer current. Thanks!

          2. Maspero Cafe on Decatur serves Muff that are huge, greasy and delicious. Staff a friendly bunch as well.

            1. I use to live in New Orleans and am waiting to go back,eating muffulettas 2or 3 times a week,my suggestion would be to get one made and have them put the olive spread in a small container,so when you leave the Hotel the next day just spread it on yourself.It will be just right when your ready to eat it.I think the olive and oil combo would be to much for an over-nite soggy and overpowering been there done that.

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                it has been my experience, that a muffuletta on the dashboard will be even better if you
                can make it all the way to kerrville tx. before being overcome with the aromas, and
                chowing down somewhere east of baton rouge!