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Mar 12, 2007 03:10 PM


Is the french quarter location open yet? Any changes?

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  1. They reopened maybe a week ago. Please consider Acme, across the street on Iberville, first. Overall the food is better and the oysters are fresher.

    1. I've moved after nearly 30 years in New Orleans where I was a food critic for a while but I loved going to Felix's - it was always thought unfashionable to prefer it to Acme but the latter's more like a sports bar than an oyster bar in my opinion

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        I recently had wonderful oysters at Felix's uptown. I was really impressed by their quality and flavor.

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          I grew up going to Felix's with Daddy and his friends. Then it was either Felix's or The Pearl when I worked downtown - depending on whether we felt like crossing Canal Street. Always sort of left Acme to the tourists. Felix's was a bit down at the heels but always a real oyster bar, and that all we ever reallly wanted.

          1. re: MakingSense

            Don't you miss the "old" Pearl, with the ham & turkey on a carving board in the front window? The place was done over in the mid-late 90s, but the food was just "eh". Haven't been post-Katrina, though.

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            For some reason, I always chose Felix's over Acme. I loved the shrimp po-boys and the interaction with the wait-staff. I was always able to get my dose of " where ya' at, darhling-g-g?" I'm glad that they are open for business in the FQ location. I suppose much of this affection has to do with my "up-bringing," as my mom would always go to Felix's and order her oysters "as fast as you can shuck." Other family members gravitated to Acme for their oysters, but my immediate family went across the street.


          3. We were in NO for the Memorial Day weekend for a wedding in Covington. We ate at Felix's on Friday night and it was excellent. Acme Oyster House would have been okay but there was a line wrapped around the building and some people walking behind us said "Acme is getting very touristy...go to Felix's." We were ecstatic that the place was quite busy but we only had to wait for our table to be bussed and were equally ecstatic with the raw oysters and spicy boiled crawfish that came our way along with the personable server.

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              I just stood in line at Acme in the FQ last weekend and I was terribly disappointed by the rudeness of the waitstaff and the management. I will definitely try Felix's next time. Skip least the one in the quarter.

              1. re: rchill

                Fantastic experiences at Felix's.

                Just belly up to the bar and slurp your oysters!

                Even met a former Uglesich's employee and he had great stories.