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Mar 12, 2007 03:08 PM


Does anyone have a great recepie? I don't like it too sweet! Thanks!

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  1. I use a vegetable peeler and take the yellow part ONLY off about 8-10 lemons. Let it sit for about a month with one 750ml bottle of 90 or 100 proof Smirnoff. After a month, I combine 1.5 cups water and 1.5 cups sugar and heat until dissolved. Slowly pouring it in and tasting as I go, I add enough to make it as sweet as I need it to be. Here is the key though-I let it sit with the sugar, lemon zest, and vodka for a month more. We have found that although it is drinkable right after you add the simple syrup, it gets better the longer it sits. Be careful adding the simple syrup because you can always add more if you need it sweeter but it can't be taken away.

    My favorite part-after the lemons are zested, I make lemonade with the left over lemons. With a little vodka and PAMA pomegranate liquer....

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      I think that the amount of water you are using is a bit much. Limoncello is supposed to be high alcohol. The end result should be an absolute minimum of 60 proof up to 80 proof / 30-40% abv. Your recipe will leave it around 40-45proof / 20-25% abv..

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        I just make that much to make sure I have enough simple syrup. I don't use that much in the actual limoncello. I make my boyfriend keep trying it until he thinks it is sweet enough. (tough job, but somebody's gotta go it-and I don't like the stuff)

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          I add sugar and fresh lemon juice instead of simple syrup. the lemon juice adds to the flavor without watering it down to much.