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Mar 12, 2007 02:56 PM

Eat Well Expo - Who's going to this?

Anyone gonna go?

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  1. I'm gonna try to head out there; it seems pretty interesting.

    1. I took a look at their website, and this does interest me. Perhaps I'm blind but does it say where this event takes place in Montreal? Help please.

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      1. re: SoupSon

        Yeah, I had the same problem. Google takes you to one of the content pages. However, the location info -- the Montreal expo's being held at the Palais des congrès -- appears only on the splash page, nowhere else on the website, and there's no link from the content pages to the splash page. In other words, if you don't enter by the front door, you can't find out the venue. Really stupid website design -- hope the event itself is better organized.

        Splash page:

      2. Thanks carswell--glad it wasn't just me.

        1. I went last year and I found it not bad. You get to actually talk with the producers and taste their fares - which is good because a lot of organic stuff doesn't taste so hot and costs an arm and a leg. Other than the corporate bullies (Nature's Path for example with their fancy stand and spokespeople), there is a more down to earth exchange vibe. For $10, it's worth it.

          1. just got back. don't bother. Waste of my time. Many people lining up for free tastings. Only about 20% of booths are actual edible food products. most of the booths are nutritional supplements, herbal remedies, quackery, etc. What a shame.

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            1. re: rooibus

              Also just came back. I agree that it's not the greatest exhibit, however, it is a nice showcase for Quebec producers and it does allow you to sample some products. Not to mention that some of the products are pretty good and the prices at the expo are cheaper than at the stores. For example, I got some organic canned tomatoes, 3 cans for 5 bucks. I also got some Equibars, which are probably the best energy bars on the market in terms of taste (especially the almond one and the cranberry one) for $15 for a box of 15, when they are 2 bucks a pop in stores. The almond butter is pretty good too. So if you keep the fact that it is a bit unrefined, then for $10, it's less expensive than a movie and probably a bit healthier for ya...