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Mar 12, 2007 02:32 PM

steak for beginners

wednesday night i've signed on to make a steak dinner for my boyfriend, and i'm completely in the dark. what cut of meat? what marinade? what cooking technique? i don't have access to an outdoor grill, but we've got a cast iron skillet and a broiler.

any suggestions for good sauces, sides, etc. would be most welcome.

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  1. If you are looking for uber-simple, there are some very nice steak seasoning blends available at most grocery stores. Look for a larger than average spice container where you can see the coarse grain salt and pepper. They usually add garlic, onion and other herbs. Put that and some olive oil on both sides of your steak and broil.

    The key to a good steak is to not overcook. Get a decent cut (Ribeye and NY Strip are common favorites) and cook it rare to medium rare. It doesn't take long under a hot broiler. Just a few minutes on each side. When it is cooked but still pink inside, take it out of the oven and let it sit for a few minutes before slicing or serving. That way the juices won't all run out when it is cut.

    There are many different sauces, none of which are necessary if the steak is a good cut and cooked properly. If you want one, you could do something like a blue cheese butter. That's just blue cheese, fresh ground pepper and butter, adjusting the various levels to your taste. Just put a dollop of that butter mix on the steak right before serving.

    1. I would recommedn go with a Rib Eye or Rib steak - it is IMHO the best steak you can get and relatively easy to do in the oven under the broiler - it is such a good cut of meat you really do not need much else other than seasoning it with garlic powder, onion powder, salt and pepper -

      This is also a good recipe from Alton Brown
      - I have made it and it is very good -

      1. Ribeye steaks, either with or without bone, at least 1 1/2 inches thick. No marinade...just salt and a healthy sprinkle of black pepper. Sear in your cast iron skillet on high heat until carmelized and brown, flip and do same to the other side (should only take 1-2 minutes per side). Finish off by placing the whole shebang (steaks and skillet) into a 450 degree oven. 7-8 minutes and you should have a steak done medium.

        I usually serve these with basic sauteed mushrooms. Place 2 tsp olive oil or butter in a small heated fry pan (medium heat). When butter has melted (or oil is hot), add 8oz sliced mushrooms. Cook until mushrooms have cooked down, but aren't mush (about 8 minutes). Sprinkle with thyme, salt and pepper and serve with steaks.

        If you do sauce, either a red wine reduction or bernaise go well with steak.

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          Just make sure you let the steak sit out for at least an hour, preferably two, before you cook it. It sounds gross, but don't worry. The steak will not go bad, and it will cook more evenly if it's closer to room temperature.

        2. As for sides, a baked potato is pretty classic and easy. You might also want to steam some broccoli or asparagus.

          For steaks I like beef tenderloin with filet mignon being the most prime. Sirloin or NY steak is a slightly more affordable cut and also good.

          If you use a good quality meat you don't need to marinade. A little olive oil and salt and pepper are enough prep.

          1. For your first attempt try a cut without a bone. It is more difficult to pbtain a consistent doneness with a bone-in. I would agree that a strip or ribe eye is your best bet. I just like S&P and some garlic powder. No marinade needed. If you have an instant read thermometer you can check the doneness by placing in the side of the steak. Shoot for 135 degrees.

            Go for a good baked potato with butter, sour cream and some chives. If your grocer also carries Peter Luger Sauce or Ben Benson sauce, these are two favorites in Chez Jfood.

            Good luck, enjoy and smile. Your BF will love you for it.