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Mar 12, 2007 02:05 PM

Thin crust pizza

Can anyone tell me who has the best thin crust pizza?

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  1. My short list--
    NY Pizza on Magazine
    Brooklyn Pizza on Airline
    Slice on St. Charles
    Sugar Park Tavern (can be inconsistent)

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    1. re: Hungry Celeste

      I'd put Warehouse Pizza on Calliope ahead of Slice on St. Charles as far as best<sp> or better pizza. However the troll under the Calliope expressway at Warehouse Pizza is quite a grump and will always have three tvs blaring at lunch time with Montel on. I didn't know anyone still watched Montel or even wanted too. It is also blazing hot in there from the 700 degree pizza oven. Nevertheless, besides the lack of ambiance, pizza is good here, but I recommend ordering it by phone before you arrive. It is about a 30 minute wait on your order -so avoid the heat while you wait. Oh yeah, if you happen to sit by one of the blaring tvs - the troll will get Pssd if you lower the volume a bit. I know, its been six months ago since I faux pauxed (pardon french - I don't like France either) and I think he is still psssd at me. Enjoy.

    2. Is your list in order, H. Celeste and is Slice thin crust?

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      1. re: breakaway

        Yeah, it is pretty much in order. Slice isn't really really NYC thin, but it's not too thick. Sugar Park is thin, as is NY Pizza (which is a dump, with greasy pepperoni, but that's partly why I like it).

      2. Don't overlook the Dough Bowl by The Boot on Broadway. You'll have to wade through a bunch of Tulane students, though.

        1. Is Ciro's Cote Sud thin crust? I love their pizza.

          1. What about Theo's on Magazine? I rather enjoyed my pizza I had there last time I was in town. Thin crust, mound of cheese and toppings. I also enjoy the shrimp pesto pizza at Reginelli's.