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Mar 12, 2007 02:04 PM

El Pollo Loco

I'm curious what chowhounders think of this place?

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  1. I visited one once, in San Jose CA. There was a framed cutting from Saveur magazine on the wall. (!?!) I thought my burrito was awful, but my son liked his chicken, so maybe I just ordered badly.

    1. When I was younger in Los Angeles we ate here frequently. It was delicious!

      We moved to Arizona 6 years ago after many years in Seattle where there was no El Pollo Loco and were delighted to see them here.

      We've tried them twice over the last six years and it just isn't the same. I"m sure it's a result of expanding...and probably some my changing tastes!

      1. Love the chicken, and black beans rolled in a flour tortilla for a yummy fast food does make a mess in the car though.......

        1. Only been there once. On a fast-food scale it gets good marks for the money. I like that the menu allows for lots of mixing and matching.

          1. Compared to the other fast food options out there, I lament leaving So Cal and Pollo Loco behind. Love the tang to their chicken...and their tortillas. But, still, it's fast food....