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Mar 12, 2007 01:34 PM

Any Wine Decanter Recommendations <$75?

I'm looking for any recommendations on wine decanters for less than $75 . . . or tips on what to look for when buying one!?
Have you found that the "drip free" tops work or is it a waste of money?
Any help is appreciated!
Thanks much!

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  1. We have one of the Reidel everyday decanters that was no more than $30.00 and we use it all the time. Love it.
    Not sure what you mean about a "drip free" top.

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    1. re: troutpoint

      I found a couple at Bed, Bath & Beyond that have "pour spouts".

      What size would you recommend?
      Also, the Reidel decanters seem to have a type of wine associated with each one. We drink all reds, so is it just as acceptable to use it with a cab versus a merlot?
      Thanks again!

      1. re: tcoles

        We have the merlot one. Now, we drink a lot of wine, we like wine, we are not wine connoseurs...But we love it. Easy to pour out of, easy to clean (I got the beads from Reidel) and the shape is similar to the more expensive Reidel ones.
        We also have a wide bottom one for young wines. (Its not Reidel) but we almost always use the Reidel one.
        Thats my two cents worth.

    2. Reidel rules. Try e-bay. Always cheaper.

      1. You may also want to look at the MOMA design store. they always have some creative and beautiful decanters.

        1. Target has a Reidel line that includes a $20 decanter. Nothing fancy, but now that we have it, the 2 gorgeous, high end ones we also have sit (very prettily) in our hutch and the $20 model gets nearly daily use. For a while at least Target had free shipping on it online.

          It doesn't drip much at all when we pour, by the way.

          1. OK, I was going to rec. a new Riedel style, that I have grown to love. It was a gift, and when I went to get the URL, I was stunned - a bit out of the price range:

            Now that my shock has abated a bit, I'll just give you some ideas of what I like and do not like about my decanters (15 total).
            1.) Ease of pouring. This leaves out many of my "ship's" decanters, as they are tough to pour from, but do other things well
            2.) Wine to air surface. The ship's decanters do a good job of this, but see 1.).
            3.) Ease of cleaning. Ship's decanters do this fine, with my decanter racks, as do many of the more "traditional" decanters: Note: the ergonomically great Riedel Amadeo Lyra is tough to clean and dry.
            4.) Stoppers are nice, though we never have any wine left over after decanting. The stoppers can slow down the transfer of air to the wine, though a good decanter will have a rather large plenum, so the effect will be limited.

            My best suggestion would be to handle the decanters, and see how easy they are to use.

            As for the drip-rings, I use these on non-decanted bottles and they work well. As I have white carpet in my dining room, I'm always trying to keep red wine drips to a minimum.