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Mar 12, 2007 01:31 PM

Best Lunch under $20 in Downtown?

What is the best lunch in Toronto you cn have for under $20? I'm trying to look for new places to try, as I'm getting bored of the same places over and over again. I'm at the University of Toronto St. George campus, but I can walk/jog really fast, so distance is not really a problem, as long as it's not past Davenport, Church or Front. St.

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  1. Much less than your budget, but a couple places to try are:

    1/ Sweetpepper: Good veal sandwiches with grilled veggies
    Bay, just south of Breadalbane (which is one block south of Wellesley)

    2/ Sinai Sushi: chunky big rolls,
    just west of Yonge on Grosvener

    3/ Dinah's Cupboard: good cold salads, esp like the okra,
    on Cumberland, just east of Bay

    1. Thai Paradise on Baldwin: you can have a generous, tasty lunch for around $15. The wait staff is great and really friendly, too. Their chicken fresh rolls are the best I've had, easily.

      Simon Sushi on the east side of Spadina south of College: not your best Japanese food, but good, hearty portions at excellent prices.

      Real Thai at Spadina and Bloor also has good lunch combos that are very reasonably priced. You can get a meal for $10 or so.

      Flip Toss and Thai on Harbord a couple blocks west of Spadina has some very good dishes, although it's definitely hit-or-miss and the bad dishes are awful. I've found their veggie spring rolls, panang curry, and basil fried rice to all be consistently excellent. Everything there is cheap as dirt.

      Tokyo Grill at Yonge just north of Wellesley on the west side: very cheap home style Japanese food (think: not sushi). Never had anything there I at least didn't like a whole lot. Always full of Japanese people, too, which must say something. It sounds disgusting, but if you go you must try the wasabi ice cream. I'm drooling just thinking about it.

      1. Just a word of caution about Flip Toss and Thai... don't order the pad thai.

        There's a little restaurant/take out place on Spadina (east side), one blk south of Bloor. I think it's called Cafe Elise. Doesn't look like much but I recall that they have good (and cheap) middle eastern / north african fare. I haven't been there for a couple years, but it's worth checking out (hope it's still there).

        Fresh - Juice for Life is just up on Bloor W.

        I second the suggestion for Real Thailand.

        If you're up for the walk, head west on College to Utopia (just check their hours behorehand).

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          Alas, Chez Elise is no more. Daddy-O's, what seems to be a burger 'n beer joint, has taken its place.

        2. If you are looking for takeaway, try The Sandwich Box. It is in the food market across from CityTV--just follow the line. Great fresh custom sandwiches (choice of ACE breads, many wonderful fillings and then grilled) - total cost with side salad - $6.99.

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            And in the same building as The Sandwich Box is Ghali for their chicken burroti (curry chicken with sweet potato, peppers, spinach, chickpeas wrapped in a tortilla and grilled). Very filling (portion big enough for both lunch and dinner for me!) and very tasty, all for $8.

          2. If you like salad with lots of fixings, go to Fast Fresh Food at Commerce Court West concourse. You get a very large bowl of salad with 8 selections plus choice of lettuce (I mix mine - spinach/iceberg) for just under $8. You can add additional items for about $0.75-$1.25, depending on the item. I try to go early, right before noon, otherwise the place is swamped until 2 pm.