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Mar 12, 2007 01:26 PM

Terramia for RW - recommendations?

I'll be going to Terramia for RW on Friday - would love to hear from anyone that has been and has recommendations on what to order. Anything to avoid? As they don't serve dessert, where would you suggest going for an after dinner indulgence?

Thanks in advance!

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  1. hi gator, Terramia is one of my favorites in the city. its small, rustic and unpretentious. the lobster fritters are a big appetizer hit. i usually get a pasta for a meal because they're all fresh. i'm not too up to speed on the dessert part.

    1. I went to Terramia for RW on Sunday. The RW menu is online at, so you can study that in advance. Here's what we got and would recommend:

      First: mushroom soup (both) --- we didn't try the spinach salad, but the soup was good
      Second: ravioli (me) and duck leg --- both were very good. I loved the goat cheese sauce
      Third: striped bass (me) and pork tenderloin -- I'd go for the pork or try the bolognese. The fish was OK, but a little bland and not searing hot (see below).

      My only complaint was that the dishes were not served as hot as I would like. I don't want to get burned, but I like my soup hot and they were more towards the warm end of the spectrum.

      The waitstaff seemed a little bored, probably because they are serving the same thing for two weeks straight. They did perk up when we ordered a bottle of the valpolicella ($34). We both liked the wine very much.

      We went down the street to Trani afterward, since we saw it on the Phantom Gourmet. You won't confuse it with one of the little caffe's (I like Vittoria), but they serve ice-cream injected cupcakes, topped with melted chocolate for less than three bucks. How can that be wrong?

      We stopped at Dairy Fresh before and Modern after, for some take-home. I was a little dissapointed that Polcari's is not open on Sunday, since I wanted to get a pound of their house blend.