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Mar 12, 2007 01:23 PM

Where can I purchase good popcorn kernels for home use?

I'm a big popcorn eater, and I really want to purchase kernels that make the puffy - brain type popcorn (think screaming yellow zonkers!) Does anyone know where I can order this, or what it's called? Thanks!!

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  1. Arrowhead Mills has good organic popcorn. Whole Foods or Fresh Direct. Been using this for a couple of years. It may not be giant sized but pops up big, light and fluffy. When cooked with extra virgin topped by melted Strauss butter and a Lawry's garlic salt....mouth waters..must go make a bowl!!!

    I am with you. Microwave P'corn just doesn't work.

    1. Crown Jewel makes great popcorn, not sure if its available in stores, but you can order from them.

      1. you can buy bulk popcorn from your local co-op grocery-- it will be fresher, and therefore pop much better than old stale grocery store stuff-- this is a quick (cheaper) fix maybe you'd like to try, though i am sure bigger popcorn-heads than i can give you mail-order recs for the screaming yellow zonkers you seek.

        1. You might want to do a little reading up on the web about the different kinds of popcorn. Try some of the famous places that ship. There is one that is in Kansas City, I think and they desribe exactly the type of mushroom shaped pieces you are describing. I think you are looking more for a particulaer variety than brand. My sister lives near the Orville Redenbacher farm so we have always liked theirs. I have to admit when I buy it from other farms, it may be fresh but I am not happy with the kernels. I think white jewel corn is one you will not like. Good luck

          1. My best luck on big popping corn kernels is good ol' Orville Redenbacher and a Whirley Pop popper. Add a couple tablespoons of oil and three kernels of corn to the popper over medium-high heat, then when the kernels pop, add 1/2 cup of popcorn. Turn the crank to stir the kernels until the popping stops. I've used a Whirley Pop on both electric and gas ranges, and can say that on electric, you should do fine bumping the heat up to high; on gas you might want to drop the heat a little bit. If the heat is too high, the kernels don't pop nearly as big. You'll know you have it right when the lid starts to open from the volume of popcorn trying to escape.

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              i use orville, too. i was reading the jar a few months back, and noticed their instructions, and had to try it. they recommend 1/3 cup kernels and, i think, 3 T oil (although i decreased it to 2 T and used olive oil with no ill effects). put the oil and kernels in a deep, heavy-bottomed pot (i use my soup pot). set over medium heat with lid slightly off to allow steam to escape. that's it, stand back and let it go, no shaking/turning required. works great, i get hardly any duds, and, other than having to wash the pot, easy.

              1. re: mark

                We use Orville also. Kroger in Houston was having a buy ten and save in their stores, and I was able to get them at half price, 2.49 per container. I bought twenty. The way we go through popcorn, this should last until around Novemeber, which is the best by on the label.

                1. re: mark

                  Never use olive oil when using it with high heat. The heat destroys all the benefits of olive oil, instead use Canola oil which is much cheaper and also very healthy for you. You can pour olive oil on the popcorn "after" it is popped but never before.

                  1. re: abuiltmale

                    I know this is an old post, but there is controversy regarding canola oil and whether it is healthy for you, so I thought I should say so here.

                    Also, while it is correct that you should not heat olive oil on high, I have found in more than thirty years of stove-popping my corn that HIGH temperature is the wrong way to pop it.

                    1. re: sandylc

                      About which food is there not a controversy these days. I don't know what the Canola Oil kerfuffle is about but i don't think it's yet time to rule it out for popcorn. Wait a few months, the whole picture could well change. Nevertheless, I agree with sandylc about olive oil. I've never had a problem with olive oil, I don't think I've ever noticed it's smoking in the Whirlypop, and besides, the stirring action of the W-Pop dissipates heat. Finally, IIRC the directions for making popcorn specify medium heat. Higher than that and the oil *will smoke* and you'll probably have burned popcorn, too. I take the W-Pop off the heat as soon as popping slows to 1 second per pop, the rest pops after you remove the popper. Finally, I have found that once popping has commenced I slow down stirring further so it takes about 10 seconds per single revolution. That way I almost always have unpopped kernels in the low single digits, sometimes none!

                      1. re: tommy.gossard

                        Sounds like you really have it down beautifully.

                        My oils of choice for corn are peanut, corn, and coconut.

                        1. re: sandylc

                          I love peanut oil but I rarely use it for cooking. Coconut oil sounds fantastic, especially so since I am trying to incorporate a greater variety of saturated fats in my diet. If you or anyone else here wonders why I would want to do that, my I direct you to the blog of Michael J. Eades, author of Protein Power. There you can read about the *multiple benefits* of saturated fats for the purpose of, hang on...lowering your cholesterol, losing fat (and weight), and improving your health generally. Finally research is increasingly showing what I've suspected for many years, that saturated fat is good for you, not bad, as long as kept in moderation. Carbs, sugar etc. are the real culprits in the obesity epidemic, not fat. Reducing your carbs by say 50% (which I think is easily manageable) and increasing your intake of saturated, as opposed to unsaturated and even monosaturated fat, e.g. olive oil, would cut well into the overweight problem in our nation. Now, tell that to your kids and see what they thinkā€”don't be surprised if their eyes glaze over, or just don't listen. Unfortunately!