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Mar 12, 2007 01:08 PM

Dinner Tonight (3/12) casual in Ft Myers. Help!

Hi, I am at a loss. We have friends in town and I need something casual for a party of 7 (no children in the group). Any ideas?? No chains please. I should mention that we have done just about everything in Bell Tower to death.

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  1. Head out to Pine Island. Over the bridge and on the left is the Tarpon Inn, this may not be the correct name, but Tarpon is the key word. My wife and I were there in January. Excellent / fresh seafood, friendly staff. They can handle a large party.

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    1. re: qbdave

      My error. It is not the Tarpon Inn, in fact, there is no Tarpon in the name. I apologize. The restaurant I am thinking about is SANDY HOOK FISH HOUSE.

    2. When I Google Tarpon Inn, I get a B&B place. Is it what you are talking about?

      1. A new and excellent place, not super casual, but not stuffy either Patio 33 in downtown Fort Myers. It has an upstairs bar called the loft and the chef and owners, Denis and Lisa Meurgue are wonderful people. Phone is 239 337-2846. Tell them Pat sent you.

        1. That looks great Pat! Some of us are in shorts. Would be out of place?

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          1. re: Suzie

            I don't think so, but give them a call. If it is Tommy Bahama shorts or something like that, no problem.

          2. I will run it by the group when we meet up. It looks great! If we do not make it tonight, its on my list to go very soon!

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              Give me a report back on the experience. I have only been there a couple of times, but used to eat in their place on Marco often.