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Mar 12, 2007 01:08 PM

Best restaurants in Annapolis and surrounding area?

We're fairly new to this area and would love to know some great places to go! Thanks!

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  1. Do a search, since this has been discussed many times. But IMHO, the two best (but pricey) are O'Learys for seafood and Lewnes for steaks. And they're within spitting distance of each other in Eastport.

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      Thanks...after I posted this I saw another thread with many suggested restaurants. I'm really dying to try O'Leary's now. I appreciate you taking the time to respond!

    2. I like the Treaty of Paris better than O'Leary's personally. Maybe I had a bad experience. It's a bit more formal than O'Leary's as I recall. Harry Browne's on State Circle is also very nice.

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        I think it's a matter of preference -- "old" Annapolis vs. "new" Annapolis. To me, both TofP and Harry Browne's characterize the old colonial heart of Annapolis. O'Learys on the other hand represents the newer, more contemporary leanings of the Annapolis area. All of them cater to the more affluent crowd.