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Mar 12, 2007 01:04 PM

Suffield Inn

Has anyone been to this restaurant on Mountain Road in Suffield, CT? I read an advertisement and am curious. Thanks.

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  1. its a nice restaurant and bar. dining room is separate. its is local farmers bar. family is polish prices are very reasonable.Menu is standard beef seafood pasta. It has changed hand over the years and keeps on tickin. They now offer pizza as i have not had it but it "looks" good. I work in town and many people i know dine there regularly. You wont be blown away but should leave having had a nice meal.

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    1. We lived in Suffield for many years. Dined at Suffield Inn only once. Nothing special. Just before we moved out of town, Tosca opened. It became a favorite. Don't know if it still exists. We are now enjoying life in the North Country of NH.