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Mar 12, 2007 12:53 PM

Impressing the parents in Madrid

Hey all,

I'm currently studying in Madrid (until June) and my parents have decided to come for a surprise visit...I've done a bit of chowing since January, but my student budget hasn't allowed for splurges yet. I'd really like to take my parents out to some nice sit-down restaurants - not the most expensive and not too formal, but with nice ambience for chatting, ideally Spanish food that isn't too adventurous (they're not picky, but aren't fans of experimental/haute cuisine). They don't drink, so wine list isn't an issue.

Their hotel is on Gran Via, but we'd be willing to take the metro anywhere.

Thanks very much in advance!

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  1. I would suggest Arce-an excellent Basque restaurant. The chef will discuss the menu with you and plan the meal, the room is warm, the service good but not stuffy...

    1. Two other possibilities:

      Julián de Tolosa--Basque
      cava baja, 18
      Chuletón, pimientos del piquillo, chistorra, etc. Tranquilo.

      El Imperio
      Galileo, 51 (Quevedo metro
      This is a tapas bar. I've never tried, but you may be able to reserve one of their (few) tables. Specializes in mushrooms and leonés fare. Really good stuff.

      1. Having just returned from doing the same with our son, a Syracuse Abroad student, we had very good meals with a younger crowd at La Gloria de Montera and La Finca de Susana, also very good seafood tapas at Cervantes all within walking distance. Enjoy!

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          My parents loved La Gloria de Montera - thanks for the rec!

          We also had dinner at L'Hardy, which was an incredible experience - can't say much for the bread, though we got an amuse bouche of croquetas and I've never had better service in Madrid. My parents have pretty conservative tastes, so my dad had the orange duck and my mother had a steak; I had the callos a la madrilena and was floored - perfectly tender, some slices of the first morcilla I've liked so far, savory semi-spicy broth. We were too full for dessert, though I hear the baked Alaska is supposed to be great...