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Mar 12, 2007 12:40 PM

Downtown Kansas City

This will be our first visit to downtown Kansas City MO, will be there on Friday for the Dead Sea Scrolls at Union Station. We would like some interesting lunch suggestions: we enjoy all cuisines except Greek - and we do not eat meat: so, BBQ is not a possibility.

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  1. Any price guidelines? Strict veg or do you eat fish, poultry, etc?

    1. 1924 Main is great, so is Pierpont's which is at Union Station which is where the exhibit is being held. If you go to Pierpont's would make a reservation, or try to sit in the bar - one of the best rooms in the city.

      1. 1924 Main would be my vote- super reasonable price, but still stellar food. There are two veg options this week for middles in addition to a fish option (if you indeed do eat fish). The last veg option looks awesome!

        1. Habashi House in the City Market is great for a vegetarian lunch. The veggie combo includes wonderful falafel, dolma, rice, salad, hummus, baba ghanoush and pita. It's all on disposables, but the food is quite good. Shiraz on Southwest Blvd. will have good vegetarian options.

          1. Habashi House is not Greek, but Palestinian.